Hockey Team Takes on State’s Top-Ranked Team

Madeline Jaloszynski, Staff Writer, Journalism I

Notre Dame Hockey kicked off just about a month ago and has a big game coming up this weekend.  

The team is currently ranked third in the state with University School of Milwaukee ranked first, and the Tritons play them this Friday at Cornerstone in De Pere.

The Tritons traveled to Eau Claire in late November where they faced Eau Claire Memorial and Wausau West before claiming the title for first place.

The Tritons beat Eau Claire Memorial 5-4. Junior Corbin Skinner scored the winning goal in double overtime to declare the victory.

The team took on Wausau West the following day. The team completely blew them out with a 5-0 victory.

Freshman Callan Budinger scored his first goal for the season against Wausau West and  junior Bo Buckley had a shutout against Wausau.

The team won the tournament for the first time in five years. The team new headed into the weekend aware they had unfinished business after last year. They wanted that trophy, and they went and got it.

Brendan Poshak led the team in goals throughout the tournament. He tallied a total of four goals and three assists. Sawyer Scholl wasn’t far behind with one goal and four assists. Jacob Conrad added 4 assists.

The team faced the Ashwaubenon Jaguars for the first game of the conference.

Eli Canadeo contributed to the blowout with a hat trick. Poshak tallied two goals for the evening. Scholl had a goal and two assists. Junior Spencer Allen also had a goal and three assists. Overall, the team contributed nine goals and 14 assists, beating the Jaguars 9-1.

A few of the players feel very confident heading into the season. They play a total of 20 more games in January before competing for the state title. They hope to return back to state this year and claim the trophy.

“If we win on Friday, then we will be ranked first in state which makes heading into the week where it matters most very relaxed and confident for us,” said senior Ethan Motquin.

Motquin is one of the two seniors on this year’s team; Cole Whatley joins him. However, Whatley will be cheering along the sidelines as he recently broke his kneecap and is out for eight weeks.

Scholl is team captain. Riley Onell, Allen and Conrad are assistant captains.