Volleyball Team Focuses on Positive Team Atmosphere


Lauren Van Gheem, Staff Writer, Advanced Jounalism

Notre Dame Academy Volleyball strives for success this season and yearns to maintain  a positive team atmosphere.

The captains are seniors Molly Rader and Katherine Walch. 

“Katherine is a great player and hustler,” Rader said. “We are working to change the culture of Notre Dame volleyball this year, so we can help the teams of the future have positive attitudes and continue to be a family.”

The coaches of the team are Ben Wolf and Denise Kapalko. Wolf has coached Triton volleyball for the past six years. 

“The coaches have a very high energy and a lot of knowledge about volleyball,” said Rader. 

Although the season has just begun, the outlook is full of lots of energy and hard work for the team. 

Senior Ellie Rose added her thoughts about the season. 

“Last year was definitely a growing and developing year.  This year we have improved our fundamentals of the game and positivity on and off the courts. We are more of a family this year which improves overall play.”

Walch said, “My best Notre Dame volleyball memory is playing at state.” That was an event that happened when she was a freshman.

“My favorite Notre Dame Academy volleyball memory is winning the regional championship last year against Shawano High School. We went to five sets but worked really hard to win the game,” said Rader.

The team has faced a few challenges this season, and keeping a positive attitude is one of them. 

“We are working hard during practice for consistency, and we are trying to keep the energy high on the bench and on the court to keep our positive attitudes,” Rader said. 

The volleyball team has already participated in two tournaments this season, but the outlook of the season is positive compared to the tournament play. 

Rader said, “We were still in the storming phase of the season, so we were not getting along or playing our best.”

“People should come to support Notre Dame volleyball because we have a strong team, and we play more confidently when we have a loud cheering section,” said Rader.  

Rose said, “My favorite part of volleyball is not only winning but also getting to play and be with some of my best friends.”

She too is looking forward to having a successful senior volleyball season. 

 “I hope,” she said, “we are a great influence to the younger kids not only on how to play volleyball but also how a team acts on and off the court.”