10. Lydia Sladek


Lauren Van Gheem, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Notre Dame Academy’s dedicated senior students work hard to achieve Top Ten status, a status determined at the conclusion of first semester senior year.

Coming in at Number Ten is Lydia Sladek, who will be attending UW-Madison in the fall.

“I have been accepted as a direct entry into the Wisconsin School of Business  and cannot wait to pursue a major in this area,” said Sladek.

During her time at NDA she has participated in several extracurriculars, including Jazz Band 1 & 2, Woodwind Choir, Pit Orchestra, Music Ministry and FBLA, to name a few. 

One of her favorite Notre Dame Academy memories was a service trip to Canton, Mississippi. 

“The experience was very special as my classmates and I were able to form friendships with one another and our Canton friends through the power of service,” Sladek said. “It was a very inspiring experience to be able to work with these people.”

Sladek’s parents and siblings inspire her each and every day to be a dedicated student. 

“As the youngest in my family, I look up so much to my family members and try to follow their examples of hard work and commitment to goals.” 

Notre Dame has taught Sladek how to think more critically, and she has learned a lot from extracurricular activities. 

“Service opportunities and morning Masses have deepened my faith. Leadership opportunities as a drum major and FBLA officer have also shaped me immensely, offering me friendships, confidence and valuable experiences,” said the senior.

One thing she has learned is to not compare herself to others. 

“We all have incredible and different talents that make us unique individuals. We all think in different methods and see things from various perspectives, but we are all so capable of accomplishing our goals in our own way,” she emphasized.

Something that few people know about Sladek is that she failed her driver’s test. 

“I have also realized that it is okay to fail because it means that we are continuously challenging ourselves to ensure that learning is taking place. This is how we grow,” she said. 

In ten years Sladek sees herself traveling as a businesswoman with the hopes of seeing national parks and Broadway musicals.