8. Alex Roach


Lauren Van Gheem, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Alex Roach, Number Eight in the Class of 2020, will be attending UW-Madison and studying chemistry with business. 

“I will miss the community aspect where I am able to see my friends every day and the teachers that have shaped my life and helped me get to where I am today,” he said. 

Throughout his four years at Notre Dame, Roach was involved with many clubs and activities, including baseball, cross country, golf, ASTRA, Model UN and the Health, Medicine and Society Club.

Roach said, “Sports and other extracurriculars have taught me the essential traits of leadership and bonding through a common goal, where I have made friendships to last a lifetime.”

His father inspires him everyday to be a dedicated student. “He is the most dedicated and hardworking person I know, always putting the need for others before himself,” Roach said. “He has taught me that as long as you put in your best effort you will be successful.” 

Besides his father’s lessons, the Notre Dame Academy community has also taught him beneficial lessons. 

“NDA has taught me many important life lessons in and outside the classroom. The rigor of the classes and education focus has shown me the importance of dedication and always putting in your best effort,” he said.

Roach shared his biggest regret which was not getting involved until his later years of high school. 

“I wish I was a little more adventurous as a freshman and sophomore in joining clubs and getting more involved in school activities or programs,” he said. 

One NDA experience Roach enjoyed the most was the Academy Awards.

“This year I had the privilege of being in some of my friends’ acts and intros which was really fun and a new experience. In general, Academy Awards/Mr. NDA has always been a great time of bonding and gathering as a school and as a class,” said the senior.

A fun fact about Roach is that he enjoys researching nutrition, such as supplements and what effects they have on athletic performance. 

I hope to see myself either in Wisconsin or California, either starting a chemistry-based business with former classmates or administrating a pharmaceutical company,” he explained.