4. Rachel Bal


Lauren Van Gheem, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

“In the future, I see myself hopefully working as a dentist,” said Rachel Bal, Number Four in the class of 2020. 

She plans on attending Marquette University in the fall and eventually dental school there too.

Bal said, “I participated in basketball all four years, played softball my junior year and  was a member of Student Government (Outreach Branch) my senior year, as well as a few clubs like ASTRA and Sting Cancer.”

Her parents motivate her through different ways in her life. “They have always pushed me to work hard in school and do the best I can,”she said. 

One of her favorite memories at Notre Dame was her experience on the basketball team. 

“NDA has definitely pushed me to become a well-rounded student,” Bal said. “Due to the harder course available here, I have learned the value of self-discipline and hard work.” 

Notre Dame has also helped her try many new things because of different events and clubs. 

“My biggest regret is taking for granted my senior year and all the events that NDA does during the last quarter such as prom, senior send off and more.” 

Bal will miss the sense of community NDA offers and the people she has met on her journey at Notre Dame.