3. Eli Servais


Lauren Van Gheem, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Eli Servais, Number Three in the class, will miss his few close friends he made at NDA the most. 

“I have definitely taken many things away from NDA, both good and bad, but the best way it has affected me is it allowed me to develop spiritually,” he said. 

Servais played volleyball and tennis, ran cross country, served with ASTRA and was involved with Student Government and Environmental Club while at NDA. 

He said, “My favorite memory of NDA is when Mrs. Corriveau launched a racquetball at the wall, and it shattered everywhere.” 

One regret Servais shared was not documenting his experiences at Notre Dame as much as he should have to remember in the future. 

“I knew what was at stake starting freshman year, and I made sure to take advantage of my high school career,” he said.

He recently committed to the University of Notre Dame with a plan to double major in pre-professional studies and Spanish.

“In ten years, hopefully I am done with schooling with a big-boy job and a significant other.”