Senior Antonio Salerno Releases First CD, ’18 Years’

Senior Antonio Salerno Releases First CD, 18 Years

Carly Noble, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Musically gifted Notre Dame Academy senior Antonio Salerno recently released his first CD “18 Years.”

Salerno started his musical career by teaching himself how to play instruments, but became more serious about music his junior year when he started taking lessons 3-4 times a week.

“I’ve always loved music and I grew up in a family full of musicians who influenced me. However, I didn’t pick up the guitar until the end of my sophomore year at De Pere. I played all summer, started to write music and sing,” Salerno said.

Salerno’s talents consist of his playing the drums, guitar, singing and songwriting.

His favorite music to play is pop, rock, jazz and Brazilian because the rhythms are “really cool.”

The title of his new CD, “18 Years,” reflects growing up, moving on and the experiences that come with it.

Salerno likes to write all of his songs.  “I know it sounds cheesy, but they come from the heart,” said the senior.

A few of the twelve songs in his “18 Years” CD are “Keep Your Head Up,” “Cherish The Moment” and “Late Night Thoughts.”

Salerno talks about a girl in his song “Stuck Up,” which caused Mrs. Carolyn Brown, English teacher, to question who “this girl” is.

“It’s a funny song with a really cool solo, and if you must know, it’s about that annoying choir director,” Salerno said.

“18 Years” took Salerno all summer to record and finish with the help of his mother and choir teacher, Mrs. Christine Salerno, as well as his producer/bass player.

His CD is available for purchase online and in stores around the area, such as Seroogy’s in De Pere and Instrumental Music Company in Green Bay.

The cost of “18 Years” is $10 for a hard copy and on iTunes, but free on SoundCloud, Pandora and Spotify (coming soon).

This CD was Salerno’s first one produced, but he hopes to release an EP (small album) in the spring.

Through his songwriting Salerno hopes to help many individuals cope with depression as they listen to his music.

“I’m very passionate about writing, and it displays a very personal side of me that not a lot of people see,” he said. “I hope to have music in my life until the day I die.”