Game Club: Opportunity for Fun,Meeting New People


Monica Sosa-Hernandez, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

“It does give you a chance to just reconnect and talk and meet new people,” said Mrs. Katie Stanczak, the adviser of Game Club. 

In September 2015, a new club, Game Club, was officially added to the Notre Dame Academy school. The founders of this club were Sam Brada, Matthew Wendricks, Jacob Re and Dominic McClain. 

Game Club came to be when those few students decided to create a certain time and place to meet after school to enjoy the time with friends and wait for other clubs, sports or any other extracurriculars to start. 

The games within the club include but are not limited to Uno, Candyland, Clue, different card games, virtual reality games, Scramble, and some other games that Stanczak wants to teach like Speed, Spoons, Dominos, Bridge, Drexel and Canasta.  

Because this club is meant for people to have a good time and relax, there are no payments needed to join, unless a t-shirt was made. There can also be food that is brought in to share with others. 

“The first few years, it was like family snack night. There were some kids who just loved it, and they ran with it. If it was going to be card game night, they would bring in themed cookies. I remember we played Settlers of Catan, and one student brought in a pan of rice crispy bars she had made that looked like the hexagons of the Catan square which she had decorated. Some kids have gone all out, but you know that’s part of the fun, having the kids make it what they want it to be,” said Stanczak.  

According to Game Club’s official document, the objectives are being able to create friendships and form a community within the members, sustain a welcoming, kind, respectful, and friendly environment, promoting critical thinking and problem solving methods and teaching the values of teamwork and cooperation.

 “It’s not a stressful club to moderate, as long as I can be here and have fun,” said Stanczak. 

Every club has its rules and this club is no exception. Games that are inappropriate for Catholic school environment are not allowed, such as gambling or any “mature” type games. 

“For me it’s about the relationships. For the kids, I think it’s about the opportunity and the fun and maybe getting to learn something and meet somebody new. For the school, I think it’s a chance to provide an easy, free, consistent doorway of connection,” said Stanczak.