Academy Chatter: What is the best birthday present you ever received?

Staff Writers, Advanced Journalism

Caroline Schaupp, junior: “Concert tickets because I love going to concerts.”

Jack Lemkuil, junior: “My driver’s license because it gave me a new sense of freedom.”

Alexa Algas, junior: “My necklace because it matches my mom’s necklace.”

Kristen Burkel, junior: “My grandma and grandpa got me a guitar with flowers on it, and I thought it was pretty awesome.”

Emily Ness, junior: “My gel bicycle seat. Thanks, Mom!”

Rachel Brady, junior: “A new purse because it’s pretty!”

Vinny Pallini, junior: “My Power Wheel because it made me feel like an adult, and I could ride around with my brothers and race them.”

Olivia Escalante, freshman: “Tickets to the One Direction concert.”

Lauren Welker, freshman: “My birth because I’m fantastic and the world loves me.”

Hannah Ciriacks, freshman: “My snowmobile.”

Ben Lelinski, freshman: “Not so much the presents but all the birthday memories.”

Claire Sievert, freshman: “A littlest pet shop house and playground.”

Allison Rakers, freshman: “Tickets to the Ariana Grande concert.”

Colton Lippert, senior: “My guitar.”

Grace Campbell, freshman: “A Kindle because I like to read.”

Tim Wagner, freshman: “A unicorn because I can ride on it over a rainbow and meet Lenny the Leprechaun and have some cheese balls with him.”

Jack Allen, freshman: “iPhone because it was my first phone and I never expected it.”

Maddie Rietz, freshman: “The gift of life on May 18, 2000.”

Andrew Grusen, freshman: “Flying lessons because I have always wanted to learn how to fly.”

Meghan Yakel, freshman: “On my fifth birthday my parents surprised me with my uncle and cousins coming to my house because I never got to see them. I used to love surprises when I was younger.”

Grace Shaw, freshman:  “An iPad because it was the new and hip thing.”

Jacob Ganther, senior: “Probably an Xbox 1.”

John Savona, senior: “My PS4, I love it.”

Jack Ritchay, senior: “New golf clubs because I love golf.”

Bethany McCole, senior: “New clothes are always awesome.”

Jack Petermann, senior: “Some steel toed boots.”

Carter Jacobson, senior: “A new laptop, that was awesome.”

Jacob Hilliard, senior: “My PS4 that I got. I play it daily.”

Connor Hennigan, freshman: “iPhone 6.”

Abby Anderson, freshman: “My favorite birthday gift would’ve had to be getting the newest addition of Bauer skates and a new hockey stick when I was twelve.”
Chris Kapic, freshman: “Probably my iPhone.”
Claire Sievert, freshman: “Okay, so my favorite present that I received for my birthday was 5 pairs of Aeropostale socks…those things are my life.”
Allison Rakers, freshman: “Tickets to Ariana Grande.”
Deidre Bellmore, freshman: “Hmmmm. Trip to Disney for my golden birthday.  I’m spoiled. 🙂 Or a carved cross with my favorite quote.”
Elijah Dercks, sophomore: “The pirate skeleton I got on my birthday that is on Halloween.”