College Counselor Relishes Role, Time with Seniors

Madi Polack, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

In their senior year, many students are faced with one difficult decision. The decision may be easier for some but much harder for others. The big question that many seek to find the answer to is “Where will I go to college?”

NDA is very fortunate to have a college counselor named Ms. Becky Bain who helps the students find their answer to that question.

Ms. Bain grew up in Hartland, Wisconsin. She has always believed that counseling was the perfect fit for her career. She received her masters degree of higher education counseling at Lakeland College. Earlier she received her bachelor of science in education at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Her title at NDA is college counselor. Ms. Bain’s job entails helping students with their post-high school plans. For many, this will include deciding a college to attend. For others, it may include enrolling in the military or even having a gap year.

“The most rewarding aspect of being a college counselor,” said Ms. Bain, “is simply being able to meet and discuss with students. The most challenging aspect is the paperwork.”

Her biggest advice that she gives to her seniors about choosing a college or career is that whatever they choose has to be the right fit for them as a person.

Some interests that Ms. Bain has outside of the school day include ministry for her church, outside counseling and small therapy groups. Some hobbies of hers include being outdoors, exercising and making Kombucha, which is fermented tea.

One item on Ms. Bain’s bucket list is traveling, especially to Alaska to see the icebergs, wildlife  and northern lights. Another item includes writing and publishing books. In addition, she hopes to publish the two books that she has already written.