International, Transfer Students React to NDA

Deidre Bellmore, Lily Stebor, Naira Martin, Staff Writers

Notre Dame Academy is known for having a variety of international and transfer students from around the world as well as from around Green Bay. NDA takes pride in having so many students that come to our school. We wanted to know what drew the students into NDA, so we interviewed a few new students that were transfers or international students. Our transfer students are Oliver Stuger, who came to Green Bay from Ohio, Ericka Odberg who transferred from Bay Port High School and Maria Weronska who is a junior international student from Northern Poland.


Question:  Why did you decide to come to NDA?

Oliver: “I chose to come to NDA because I had to move to Wisconsin from Ohio.”

Ericka: “I transferred to NDA because I heard good things about this school.”

Maria: “I heard about this school through the Global Outreach Program, a Catholic program that gets central and Eastern European countries to participate in the student exchange program.”


Question: Who recommended this school to you?

Oliver: “My mom recommended it to me.”

Ericka: “I am a figure skater, and my figure skating friends recommended NDA to me.”

Maria: “The organization placed me in Green Bay and decided for me to go to NDA.”


Question: How different is a Catholic school compared to a public school? (OR, What was your old school like?)

Oliver:  “I think that this school is different because it has stricter rules.”

Ericka: “A Catholic school compared to a public school is smaller and stricter.”

Maria: “ My school was tiny compared to this one (150 kids). The building was very old, almost 100 years old, too. People were not strict about the rules, and there were no lockers. Also, I only had to wear a uniform on Wednesday.”


Question: What do you like most about NDA so far?

Oliver:  “I really like that school starts at 8 a.m.”

Ericka: “ The people here at NDA have been very nice and kind.”

Maria: “ The people, teachers, and classes.”


Question: What has been your least favorite part about NDA?

Oliver: “I do not like that there are eight hours of classes.”

Ericka: “My least favorite part is waking up early for class.”

Maria: “The stress and nerves because the breaks are too short to get to class. And I am not used to lockers, so I am having problems with mine.”


Question: Did Orientation help you with feeling comfortable here?

Oliver: “Yes, it did help me feel more comfortable.”

Ericka: “Yes, it did make me feel more comfortable.”

Maria: “Yes, it was relaxing and I felt more comfortable when I met my teachers and the international students. Also, the tour helped with finding classes and practicing opening my locker.”


Question: Have people been open and helpful?

Oliver: “People have been open and helpful to me.”

Ericka: “People have been really open to me, and being helpful to find my classes.

Maria: “Yes, people have been very helpful, welcoming, and friendly.”


Question: Are you in any extracurricular activities? If so, which?  

Ouestion: “I am involved in lacrosse for the school team.”

Ericka: “I am not involved in anything right now, but when soccer season starts I might join.”

Maria: “I am in French Club.”