Academy Chatter: What is your most valuable possession and why?

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What is your most valuable possession and why?

Lilly Brada, sophomore: “My little necklace! It’s a little flower with a diamond in it. And it’s not about the value. It’s because it used to be my grandma’s and she’s the most amazing person in the world!”

Danielle Lippert, sophomore: “My stuffed Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh because it was my grandma’s.”

Claire Sievert, sophomore: “Oh gosh, I would definitely have to say my family. I choose my family because they’re always people I can count on to have around. They’re there and always will be, and that is what is important and the most valuable to me.”

Hannah Dercks, sophomore: “I would have to say my writing ability because it is my favorite way to express myself.”

Olivia Allen, sophomore: “My phone because I can basically do anything on it. I can contact anyone and look up all the information I need!”

Maighdlin McHugh, sophomore: “Probably my claddagh ring that my mom passed down to me when I was in eighth grade. I think it’s important because I admired it for so long.”

Benjamin Lelinski, sophomore: “My family because they are the”

Jack Flis, sophomore: “My oaks because they protect me.”

Lily Schumacher, sophomore: “My phone. I have so many pictures and irreplaceable memories, and I can also talk to anyone I want to!”

Emily Lelinski, junior: “Family because I love them.”

Tessa Jadin, sophomore: “Nothing. Value doesn’t matter, but maybe my phone.”

William Guevara, sophomore: “My soccer cleats because they’re special.”

Ellie Coles, sophomore: “My phone because that’s where I communicate with important people.”

Emily Smits, junior: “My relationships with my friends and family because they mean a lot to me.”

Kennedy Morgan, sophomore: “My tennis racquets because I’ve been playing tennis since first grade.”

Hannah Ciriacks, sophomore: “My snowmobile because it’s my favorite hobby and it’s a great way to spend time with my family when we go on snowmobiling trips.

Molly Schneider, sophomore: “My rosary because my grandma gave it to me.”

Nichole Michaletz, sophomore: “Probably my sketchbook because it holds most of my personal thoughts.”

Emily Conard, sophomore: “My phone because it’s my life and only access to the outside world.”

Whitney Walczyk, junior: “I would say probably my phone because I have basically everything I need on it.”

Jack Halama, sophomore: “My most valuable possession is my golf clubs because I use them almost every day and my life is golf, so everything revolves around my golf clubs.”

Alea Mills, sophomore: “My life because it’s mine, and I don’t let anyone take advantage of it.”

John Holzbach, sophomore: “My hockey gear because I love the sport.”

Ernesto Navarro, sophomore: “My soccer cleats because it is a symbol of my passion.”

Denalyn Urcavich, junior: “My necklace. I got it from my grandma.”

Tyler Bergner, sophomore: “Kassie Baeten because she is a babe.”

Ali Dewilde, junior: “The cross necklace my dad got me when I was 11 because it means a lot to me.”

Kassie Baeten, junior: “For sure Madison Kaster.”

Andrea Hall, junior: “My cellphone because it contains my life source.”

Caleb Baeten, freshman: “My phone because I use it a lot.”

Sylvia Griffitt, junior: “My watch that I got from my mom.”

Stephi Walczyk, junior: “My phone because I can’t live without it.”

Mikayla Neveau, junior: “My cross necklace that I wear during every race I run because it helps me get through a race knowing I have it.”

Emily Lelinski, junior: “Family because I wouldn’t be who I am without them.”

Jordan Pappas, senior: “My car because I use it when I need to get places.”

Alex Malcore, senior: “My fushigi because when I’m feeling down and out, there is nothing I love more than making a ball look like it’s levitating.”

Isaac Sidon, sophomore: “I’d say my dog because it’s always there to cheer me up. It greets me every day after practice and waits for me to come home. It’s very comforting.”

Morgan Gille, senior: “The letter my grandpa gave me before he passed away because it is the last thing he gave me.”

Jeffrey Vogelsang, senior: “My Nixon belt because it does its job holding up my shorts.”

Danny Stewart, junior: “My hot wheels because I don’t have many friends and when I’m playing with them, it makes me feel like I have zillions of friends and that maybe one day I can make my dream of being a NASCAR driver come true and they are super cool and I have a blue one that has flames on it and it’s really fast.”

Ryan O’Connell, junior: “My rocket fishing rod because it gets the big ones.”

Ariana Kussow, senior: “My closet because it holds all of my academy-approved uniforms.”

Jake Darling, senior: “My truck because I can get away from my parents.”

Annie Treleven, senior: “My collection of 17th century daggers because they’re just cool to have, worth tons of money. It’s something no one knows about me.”

Anna Huntley, freshman: “Family and friends because you have to have companionship and because they have always been important to me.”

Mia Turek, freshman: “My guitar because I think it is really fun to learn new music, and it was a birthday present from my parents.”

Bailee Malcore, freshman: “My cat named Epic because he is the bomb.”

Abby Anderson, sophomore: “My piano because it was my great grandma’s and she played it very well.”

Angela Owens, freshman: “My notebook because I like to write.”

Mary Claire Matthews, freshman: “ My Grimm’s Fairy Tales Collection from 1917 because I love old things and it was my dad’s when he was little.”

Carmen Lewis, sophomore: “My life. . .you only live once and you have to make the best of the time you spend on earth.”

Mary Beth Healy, freshman: “My photo album because it reminds me of past events.”

Maria Weronska: “My faith because it helps me when I am down.”

Alex Stebor, junior: “My lacrosse stick because without it, I can’t LAX  and I need to LAX.”

Clayton Lisowski, junior: “My SkullCandy headphones–no explanation.”

Jon Lemens, junior: “My Wii because it is my main source of exercise.”

Charlie Urick, junior: “Andrew Zipp’s trombone because it’s Andrew Zipp’s trombone.”   

Warren Johnson, junior: “My Russian gas mask because I cannot be cheek or breekier without it.”  

Corinne Meglic, junior: “My volleyball signed by coach Tom Larsen and coach Daniel Winkler because they are some of the most famous coaches of all time.”   

Paige Vaughn, junior: “Hanna Lech is my most prized possession because she’s the only person who will be friends with me.”

Chris Fineout, junior: “My first edition holographic Charizard Pokemon card because I recently got it appraised at Gnome Games and it was valued at $2,500.”

Patrick Darling, junior: “My brother Ryan’s baby teeth…I can make a lot of money from the tooth fairy some day.”

Max Liegel, junior: “ My fushigi–no explanation.”  

Max Sonnenburg, freshman: “My dirtbike because I like to drive it through the woods.”

Baikai Su, sophomore: “My value is anime because it’s can help me to learn different cultures.”

Nicholas Haske, junior: “My most valuable possession is my Original GameBoy from 1989 that I got as a gift from my uncle when I was 4. It is still working fine and I plan to have it last for a long time.”

Aldo Gonzalez, sophomore: “Obviously my fridge because, without it, all of my lovely food would go bad.”

Kimmy Umentum, sophomore: “My cell phone because it has all my pictures, and it’s how I stay connected.”

Skyler Palmer, senior: “My car. . . it gets me places.”

Grady Brick, freshman: “My dog because she brings joy to me all the time, except when she does something bad. Then I am mad at her.”

Isabel Canadeo, junior: “Probably, my Sir Bounce A lot polo because it’s purple and that’s my favorite color.”

Alex Papacosta, sophomore: “My computer because that is how I watch Netflix.”

Olivia Campbell, senior: “My cat, Scout, because she is my best friend.”

Blake Ole, senior: “Um, Carly, because she makes me smile.”

Liz Markland, senior: “My photo albums. They have all my memories.”

Lexi Fitzgerald, junior: “My friend, Chunk, is my most valuable possession. A life without Chunk is a life I don’t want to live.”  

Nadine Druar, sophomore:  “Air you breathe.You use it the most. Why wouldn’t it be most valuable?”

Marie Patz , senior: “Nothing. No other explanation needed.”

Andy Lampereur, sophomore: “Life. You can’t live when you’re dead.”

Alex Ruiz, sophomore: “Life. The same answer as Andy.”

Kelsey Mullen, sophomore: “A car to get me around. What other reason is there?”

Molly Gallagher, sophomore: “My dog because it comforts me.”  

Aldo Gonzalez, sophomore: “My phone because it is a valuable resource.”    

Junfeng Ni, junior: “I value basketball. I need it to complete my life.”

Ben Durkin, senior: “My car because it’s not cheap.”

Carter Olles, junior: “My dog because he’s really good.”

Jon Fry, sophomore: “I value choir class because it’s a good time.”

Max McDonald, junior: “Jack Drake because he is cool.”

Hanna Lech, junior: “My stellar vintage crewneck collection because it’s what I am most proud of.”

Ethan Wheeler, sophomore: “I value my life so I can live.”

Avery Lyons, sophomore: “I value theology with Mrs. Stanczak. It’s a great time.”

Ian Spaulding, sophomore: “My girlfriend because she’s the best.”

Quinn Snyder, junior: “My Catholic education because it makes me feel closer to my Lord and Savior. Allelujah!”

Marcellus Thiry, freshman: “My own intellect because I do so well in school.”

Carson Cichocki,  freshman: “My book I Am Seal Team Six.”

Ariana Martinez, freshman: “My stickers because they are pretty.”

Charlie Sauter, freshman : “My belief in God.”

Reid Kaster, freshman: “My phone because I can contact people.”

Karenna Lamm, freshman: “My phone because it is entertaining.”

Ryan Martin, freshman: “Myself.”

Quinn Huguet, freshman: “My guitar because I like to play the music.”

Audrey Sladek, freshman: “My French horn.”

Cassie Klim, junior: “My phone because if I lost it, I would lose a part of myself.”

Jack Gille, junior: “Andrew Zipp’s 2014 band picture because he looks very handsome in his marching band uniform.”

Elijah Dercks, junior: “My grandpa’s American Flag. It’s the flag I was given when he died. He was in the military and he was very close to me, so when he died they gave it to me.”

Liam Gerl, junior: “My chickens because they are always there for me when I get sad.”

Kassie Baeten, junior: “My family because they’re always there for me, support me, and help me be the best person I can be.”

Brenda Aguilar, junior: “My cellphone because I can keep in touch with my family from other countries.”

Madison Remington, junior: “My laptop because of its many uses in my life. It was a big investment financially to go towards my education. It also helps me unwind from stress and allows me to relax after a long day. With its many uses, it always helps me with whatever I need to get done and that is a big relief.”

Claire Sternkopf, junior: “My violin because it’s expensive, it’s an essential part of my life, and I can express myself differently through music instead of words.”

Erika Odberg, junior: “My figure skates because it keeps me doing what I love and I’m lucky to have parents who are willing to pay for such a crazy expensive sport!”

Oliver Struger, junior: “My fire department badge because my dad was a firefighter.”

Carolyn Tressler, senior: “The earrings my mom got me for my 16th birthday because I wear them everyday.”

Olivia Moran, senior: “My dogs because they are so cute.”

Max Roitstein, senior: “My star of David necklace I received for my Bar-Mitzvah.”

Nick Wagner, senior: “My car because I can go places!”

Jett Jaraczewski, senior: “The cross that hangs in my car because it is passed down from generation to generation.”

Madame Geyer, teacher:  “There is no possession that is more valuable than the life of my children. I would give up anything for them.”

Lili Porter, senior: “My dog because I love him.”

Emma Neumeyer, senior: “My rock collection because they are all from special places.”

Alma Torres, senior: “My purity ring. It’s super valuable to me and has great meaning to me.”

Elizabeth Bobinski, senior: “My cross because it always reminds me to be thankful.”

Hunter Mura, senior: “I value my truck’s horn because it has a remote.”

Will Motquin, junior: “My nunchucks because they are sick.

Tyler Foytik, sophomore: “My hockey skates because otherwise I would not be able to play hockey.”

Ethan Diestler, senior: “My car because it gets me to places.”

Antonio Nelson, senior: “My family because outside of the materialistic world, they are all that is important.”

Josh Wiesner, senior: “My Green Bay Packers’ bucket hat because it looks good.”

Michael Linehan, senior: “ My soccer ball because I bring it nearly anywhere.”

Aaron Gerondale, senior: “My phone because then I can text and do all kinds of stuff.”

Hunter VanDuyse, senior: “My American flag because it reminds me where I come from.”

Jr. Lesatz, senior: “My shoes because they get me to places.”

Tommy Jensen, sophomore: “ My phone because it’s how I communicate.”

Nate Gille, sophomore: “ My shoes because they keep me warm.”

Jackson Stromeyer, sophomore: “My bed because it’s where I’m most relaxed.”

Jay Stadtmueller, sophomore: “My jet ski because it is my light in a dark world.”

Connor Hennigan, sophomore: “My phone because I can play games and talk to friends.”

Eric Ritchay, sophomore: “My grandpa’s old watch because he died so I wear it to

remember all the memories we had together.”

Grant Shilbauer, sophomore: “Family because they are the backbone of you.”

Michael Rader, junior: “My phone because I can text people, check my sports.”

Ben Weber, sophomore: “My autographed Derek Jeter baseball because he’s my favorite player.”