NEHS Celebrates Literature, Stresses Service

Madison Kaster, Staff Writer

NEHS (National English Honors Society) is a club here at NDA that meets the second Monday of every month to celebrate language and literature.

This particular club started when English teacher Stefanie Jochman learned from one of her college professors that NEHS was an option for high schools.

Jochman became the adviser for the club because “I had all of the information on NEHS and I love English.”

She explained it was important to have NEHS as a club at NDA because there can be more scholarship opportunities.

Jochman stated anyone is welcome to join NEHS. At meetings members talk about contests, essay or scholarship opportunities, and upcoming events.

NEHS communicates through the daily announcements, Google Classroom and Haiku.

Kari Healy, a student who has been involved in NEHS for the past four years explained she has always loved English and joined NEHS to help promote reading, investigation and writing.

Healy said her favorite experience in NEHS has been helping students at Franklin Middle School to read, write and hypothesize.

To all of those who are on the fence about NEHS,” said Healy, “I would first tell them that if they are worried about writing and reading lots outside of English class, that this is nothing to be worried about. We don’t spend our time writing long papers or reading excessively challenging literature, rather we try and find ways that we can get peers excited about the subject of English.”

“Furthermore,” added the senior, “I would tell them to join NEHS if they want to find different ways to become more excited about English.”