New Chemistry Teacher Inspired by Former Science Teacher

Denice Aispuro, Staff Writer, Journalism

The Grad from UW-La Crosse.

Some may look at her and think, “Wow, she’s so full of energy” or “She’s super nice” and “Is she the new chemistry teacher?”

Ms. Rachel Weier, who majored in chemistry education, took her interest in this field when she was in high school.

Weier explains, “My high school teacher really got me engaged and I just loved how she taught it.” Her teaching inspiration was the idea of helping someone succeed. Weier also loved how chemistry was a combination of labs and math.

Weier explained that her hardest times are when she moves. She said,“It’s so hard because I’m new to the place and it’s also a new adventure.” Her hardest transition to teaching here has been decorating and discovering how she wanted to teach her classes.

Weier came to Notre Dame because she loved the environment and the people at the school. She also added, “ I like how it’s not too big, but not too small.”

Every new teacher has a mentor when they first come to Notre Dame. Ms. Weier’s mentor was Ms. Deborah Corriveau because she teaches chemistry as well.

Weier is a very interesting person whose hobbies include reading, knitting, spending time with her family, dancing, and, just like everyone else, she likes watching Netflix.

One of her most outrageous things to do was going sailing with her friend’s family on the British Virgin Islands.  The highlight of her summer was going to the Chicago aquarium and going to see the Big Bean.

She sees herself being more involved in the future once she gets a gist of how things work around the school.

Hannah Dercks, a student of Ms. Weier, said, “She is a good teacher and does a good job explaining the concepts she is teaching. I used to not get excited for my science classes, but I have started to look forward to chemistry now.”

She has two sisters, one older and one younger, and she exclaimed, “So I’m stuck in the middle!” She has no pets, but she does see her parents’ cocker spaniel, Jessie, who is three years old, often.

She has been dating her boyfriend for three years (no names were mentioned), whom she met in college.