Friday Raps an Ongoing Tradition at NDA

Michael DeLeers, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Every Friday, during the morning announcements, Notre Dame Academy is filled with the sounds of music; the harmonious tunes are simply known as the Triton raps.

“The raps are just another way to spread the love and add some energy to hype up the football games or other events around school,” said Davis Elm, Notre Dame Fan Man for the Class of 2015.

The raps, which parody popular songs, give shout-outs to teachers, students and athletes and are typically led by the school’s Fan Man and Mermaid.

Along with creating positive energy for the school’s athletics it also “creates a sense of recognition for athletes, and the shout-outs recognize the hard work athletes are putting into the sport,” said Ben Richards, Notre Dame senior.  

The raps are a way to bring the school community together and show that the student body is supporting the athletes as they go out to perform each week.

The fact that each week is a different parody creates a sense of excitement among the faculty as well.

“I remember (former Notre Dame president) Mr. Pauly brought energy to the raps every week and was more excited for the raps than we were,” said Elm.

“Not many people realize how much work goes into the raps. Not only does someone have to write the lyrics, but they also have to make the lyrics creative, rhyme and they must do this live without stuttering,” said Richards.

Luckily, the rappers never let the school down as the goofy parodies generally go off without a hitch besides an occasional speaker problem. The raps have even made their way to the families of Notre Dame as well.

“I had many parents last year tell me they would look up the raps every week and watch them,” said Richards.

The school raps have become a tradition at Notre Dame and demonstrate positive relationship between athlete and spectators. If anyone is interested in seeing this year’s array of raps, they are available on the Online Tritonian: