TCU’s Colleen Mortell to Pursue Journalism Career


Ryan Ehlinger, Staff Writer, Journalism I

According to the Washington Post, 72% of college students attend a college in the state they live in. The idea of having freedom while still being close to a strong support system draws students, and in-state tuition attracts many others.

Nevertheless, NDA alum Colleen Mortell said, “If you can go to college out of state, I highly highly highly recommend it.”

Mortell initially set her sights on the University of St. Thomas, but after a recommendation from a friend and a desire for a more specific major, she looked towards Texas.

To Mortell, Texas Christian University was the perfect fit. She enjoys that it is a small school with a big school aspect. With an average class size of about 30, Mortell said, “I think it is a lot better than St. Thomas.”

While getting to make friends from all over the country was one reason Mortell chose TCU, the classes involving media is what really attracted her.

She is majoring in film, television and digital media and is also minoring in journalism.

Unlike most people studying in her field, Mortell has no intention of working in front of the camera. The thought of reading a script and wearing an earpiece with people constantly telling her what to say has no appeal to her. Mortell said, “If I was an anchor I couldn’t focus with people yelling in my ear.”

This past summer Mortell interned at WBAY. She spent her time shadowing producers and reporters from nine to five every day of the week.

She is already looking ahead to possible internships next summer. Mortell said, “I am looking to go to a bigger city like New York, Chicago, or Los Angeles.”

After graduation, Mortell has a plan. She said, “I don’t want to be a journalist but I want to be a producer.”

Although it is a common misconception that one can not be a producer without first being a journalist, Mortell knows the business well and is confident that is not the case.

Through her college experience, she knows that “many producers go straight to producing instead of being journalists first.” Mortell intends to continue following this path as a junior at TCU.