NDA Students Attend Trump Rally at KI Center

Danielle Lippert, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Donald Trump, the Republican nominee for president, visited the KI Convention Center in Green Bay on Monday, October 17.

This is the third time Trump has visited Green Bay since his nomination for president. He visited the Saint Norbert campus on March 30, and he visited the KI Convention Center on August 5.

A few Notre Dame students attended the rally, two of them being juniors Sam Nennig and Ben Weber.

I am a huge supporter of Donald Trump and believe strongly in what he stands for.  I really wanted to see him in person because the media portrays him as a monster, whereas in person, he is very humble,” said Weber.

Nennig and Weber both loved the speech and were glad to see and hear Trump. David Clarke, the sheriff of Milwaukee, and Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila, a former Packer player, spoke at the event as well.

As Trump supporters, Nennig and Weber said they have received criticism for wanting to go and then going to the event.

“There were several protesters before and after the event that criticized all of the people going into the Trump rally. I wasn’t fazed by them,” said Nennig.

Clinton is currently ahead of Trump in the Wisconsin polls, but Nennig and Weber still believe that he will be the better choice for president.

“Donald Trump has had many successful businesses. In my opinion, America is one big business, and under the Obama administration, America has been failing. Hillary plans to do much of the same things Obama has done in the past eight years that led us down this terrible path we are currently on. Donald Trump, however, will surround himself with the right people, and I believe he will ‘Make America Great Again,’” said Nennig.

Trump had much to say at the event. He talked about his plans for the United States if he were elected, and he also talked about his opponent Hillary Clinton.

“Listening to Trump speak I felt like he was just saying what was on his mind, and I really appreciated this. I’ve heard Hillary Clinton give speeches before and they always seem so scripted and insincere,” said Nennig.

Nennig and Weber are both certain of their stance and know who they would vote for if they were old enough to vote in this election.

“Donald Trump is very supportive of the Catholic Church. He is a pro-life candidate,” said Weber.

Nennig and Weber encourage everyone to vote for Trump because they believe he really is the best thing for our country.

“I encourage all Catholics to not vote for Clinton and vote for Trump,” said Weber.