Jacob Rose Chosen for Naval Academy, Nominated by Reid Ribble


Nick Messerschmidt, Staff Writer, Journalism I

Not all kids growing up know exactly what they want to do in life, but Jacob Rose knew since the very beginning that he wanted be a Marine. Being a child of two Marines, Rose admitted his parents had a big influence on his high level of patriotism and dream of pursuing a career in the Marine Corps.

There are two ways of becoming a Marine. One could enlist and go through a challenging three-month boot camp and graduate with the rank of private, or pursue a four-year bachelor’s degree, attend Officer Candidate School (OCS) and graduate as a second lieutenant.

Rose chose the path less traveled and pursued acceptance into the United States Naval Academy (USNA) where he could graduate as a second lieutenant as well.

Gaining acceptance to the USNA is considered by many to be a difficult feat with requirements such as high academic standards, a high level of personal fitness, sound medical records, as well as a nomination by a U. S. senator or congressman.

Rose worked hard for a long time trying to meet these standards but never knew for sure if he would make it. “Ever since I was little the Naval Academy was the goal,” said the senior.

Rose set himself up for success with exceptional grades, being a member of Notre Dame Academy’s state cross country team, a member of NDA’s state track team, as well as being involved in several other clubs and extracurriculars.  

In order to help gain a congressman’s nomination, Rose’s cross country coach, John Gard invited him to a fundraiser for Mike Gallagher’s congressional campaign. There Rose met Congressman Reid Ribble, who ended up being the man who nominated Rose to the USNA.

Rose was accepted into the USNA just before Thanksgiving; the nomination secures a full-ride scholarship worth around $400,000.

Rose plans on leaving Green Bay this coming June for Annapolis, Maryland, to start the next chapter of his life at the Naval Academy. Living a “Spartan lifestyle” without access to electronics during his stay at the USNA, he will “learn to do more with less.”

“Other than my best friend Nick Messerschmidt, I will miss being able to talk to people, especially my dad. My father and I are really close,” he told the journalism class.

The USNA provides him with the opportunity to pursue his passions of learning Arabic, running, and learning history.  His military interests center around intelligence with the idea of possibly being a sniper.

Although Rose admitted to being nervous about the challenge ahead, he is excited to start the next chapter of his life at the United States Naval Academy.