Q & A: Kimberly Uelmen


James Bosco, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Q. What do you do here at NDA?

“My title is the Admissions and Marketing Communications Coordinator. I facilitate things from updating the website, updating social media, taking pictures at events, and writing for the president or principal.”

Q. Where did you grow up and go to school?

“I grew up in Pulaski, and I went to UW-Stevens Point and graduated with a degree in communications and an emphasis in public relations.”

Q. What do you do with photography, how is it used, and how did you become interested in photography?

“Photography actually isn’t something I had a passion for when I was younger; it just kind of came with the job. I haven’t taken any courses in it at all. I would say I’m proficient at best. I can tell what works and what doesn’t based upon photos that I have taken. The photography that I use comes from events we have here at Notre Dame Academy, a lot of sports, classroom events too. We use that photography on the website, social media, and any marketing pieces we use. I like to have a large bank of stock photography of our students.”

Q. So you were the only woman on a basketball team during De la Baie fest?

“That was the best day of my life; it was so much fun. I had played basketball in high school and throughout my whole life It was kind of my life sport and I ended up changing from basketball to the musical when I was in high school. I played varsity my sophomore year, and then it was a big deal that I quit and did the musical. I kind of missed out on the fun varsity time in my life, so I played intramurals throughout college, and I shoot around all the time to this day. Mr. Geiser came into my office one day and asked if I wanted to play on the de la Baie fest team, and I was like ‘For sure!’”

Q.I have heard rumors that you are a pretty good singer as well.

“I sing in a polka band for events. I have been singing for Mass, weddings, funerals, anything that people ask me to sing for. In 2011when the Mass parts changed, a polka band from my parish, the Maroszek brothers, asked if I would sing with them for the summer. It went over so well that I have been singing with them since. Their sons, the new generation polka band, asked me to start singing with them for the “fun” parts of weddings, events, and things. I sing normal songs you hear on the radio to a polka beat…it’s very fun!”

Q. Where do you see yourself in 10 years from now?

“I love the Green Bay area so I for sure want to still be here. My family is here, my‘singing’ career is here. I definitely still want to be working in public relations and marketing. I love schools, I think that students are super fun. They do really cool things and so it’s easy to market, and it’s fun to learn about their lives and how Notre Dame has helped them grow. I really enjoy service work, so no matter what I do I want to be working in a field that does something for others and promoting the great things that people do for others.”