Despite Heart Issues, Kazik Lives Life to Fullest

Mariah Michalski, Staff Writer, Journalism I

Born with a heart condition that requires her to have a pacemaker, McKenna Kazik has had multiple heart surgeries, the most recent one taking place just a few years ago.

Kazik has not let her heart situation stop her, as she plays soccer for a club team, the United Hurricanes.

The running in soccer can be challenging for Kazik’s heart, especially in the heat of summer.

“I have to drink a lot of water,” she said.

Despite her condition, Kazik, a California native and third oldest of ten children, has a good attitude and outlook on life.

“My friends depend on me to have a positive attitude,” she said.

Kazik’s heart condition has given her greater empathy for others who have struggles of their own.

Presently, she enjoys making get well cards and visiting patients in local nursing homes and hospitals.

Her other interests include playing beach volleyball and playing piano, which she has done for  four years.

Kazik hopes to one day attend UW-Madison and become a lawyer or a Guardian ad Litem, so she can use her skills to assist, protect and care for others.

She is currently a sophomore at Notre Dame Academy where lunch is her favorite part of the day because “less drama” is there compared to her academic classes.

The obstacles Kazik faced have proven to be instrumental in her growing in perseverance to become the strong, confident young adult she is today.