VerBoort Sees Interior Design in Her Future

VerBoort Sees Interior Design in Her Future

Caragan Olles, Staff Writer, Journalism

Senior Aeva VerBoort has big dreams for her future as she looks to college and life after schooling.

Quitting dance “to focus on school” after thirteen years, VerBoort has shown the dedication necessary for starting a business, and that’s exactly what she hopes to do.

As VerBoort comes to the end of her college search, she’s narrowed down her list to University of Wisconsin-Madison, Iowa State and Indiana University.

She wishes to get into Madison to stay in her home state of Wisconsin; there VerBoort wants to study interior design.

VerBoort has worked at Mimi Works, an interior design business, since the beginning of summer 2018.

There she helps customers pick out hardwood flooring, carpeting and accessories to match their homes; she’s learning skills to eventually start her own business in interior design.

Someday VerBoort hopes to see herself “successful, from working, and with a family” of her own.

However, before she gets to college and life after high school, VerBoort is enjoying “pushing [herself] to be better at [her] academics.”

Looking back at her four years at Notre Dame Academy, VerBoort wishes she would’ve taken advantage of all of the opportunities available, such as clubs, service events and the musicals.

But VerBoort is grateful for the bonds and friendships she has made at Notre Dame Academy and hopes to “hold onto those friendships throughout college.”

As the school year comes to a close in May, VerBoort believes she will find the hardest part to be “letting go of things and people.”