Boucher Choosing ‘Path Less Traveled’ for Post-High Career


Hannah Vanden Heuvel, Staff Writer, Journalism I

The Addams Family Musical star Rebekah Boucher plans to follow a career path not many are called to — mortuary services. Ironically, her character in the musical last year was Pugsley Addams, son of Morticia Addams.

Boucher did not always feel a call to mortuary services. She wanted to be a dentist for sometime but realized that was not the right career for her. However, that realization did not directly lead her to decide on being a mortician.

“I’ve thought about also being a nurse or vet, but I just can’t work with the living. There is too much pressure on the person’s life for me, so I also thought, ‘Why don’t I just work with the dead?’ It’s so much easier,” explained Boucher.

Boucher found an interest in mortuary services after her cousin stumbled upon a YouTuber called AskAMortician. The YouTuber makes videos answering questions that people have about the dead and shares day-to-day tasks she has as a mortician.

“I just started watching a lot of her videos and other educational videos about the industry and knew this was something I wanted to do,” said Boucher.

After this discovery, Boucher reached out to Mrs. Julie Campbell’s sister, who is a mortician, and interviewed her.

To further confirm mortuary services was the correct path for her, she completed an internship with a mortician in Chicago over the summer.

“Working hands-on was the best way to figure this choice out, and I know now this is my future,” said Boucher.

As a funeral director, Boucher will be able to apply leadership skills developed during high school.

“I like people to listen to me and also respect me, and I feel that when I find myself in a leadership position it kind of gives that a boost,” said Boucher.

She currently holds a position on the choir leadership board, working directly with Mrs. Christine Salerno to organize concerts and retreats, as well as being a peer mentor in class. Boucher helps students struggling with music theory and accompanies choir practices.

In her free time, Boucher enjoys working out, reading, spending time with her boyfriend and practicing piano.

Boucher is very passionate about her relationship with others. She claimed that they are “crucial” to her life.

“When I look at myself in the mirror, I see a person that doesn’t necessarily enjoy sharing her emotions with the world. But, when I get to work with people in one of the most difficult moments in their lives, it is truly a beautiful experience to have this close relationship with someone you just met,” she said.

In 10 years she hopes to be on the way to fulfilling her dream of happiness by being a married mortician, owning a few kittens, and living as an independently successful individual.

“I don’t need to be rich. I don’t need to be famous. I only want happiness,” said Boucher.

Following graduation this May, Boucher plans to attain an associates degree from a local technical school and then transfer to Worsham College, a mortuary school located in northern Illinois, for her certification.