Chinese Club Experiences Open the Door to New Perspectives

Ava Vande Corput , Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

大家好! (hello everyone) is a common phrase spoken in the Notre Dame Academy Chinese Club by many of the active participants.

Chinese Club is one of the largest clubs at Notre Dame with a student involvement of almost 100 students that are Chinese foreign exchange students, students who take Chinese and students who are just interested in the culture.

No matter the students’ purpose for being in the club, Chinese Club is one of the most talked about clubs at Notre Dame due to its unique after-school activities.

I have been an active member in Chinese Club for four years now, and I love being exposed to different aspects of the Chinese culture.

While being in Chinese Club, I have been able to learn traditional knot techniques for making bracelets, blow art, origami and Chinese cooking.

I have also been able to attend an annual Chinese New Year party which includes the demonstration of Tai Chi, a buffet of traditional food, a dragon parade and performances by students involved in Chinese class.

Not only am I involved in Chinese Club, but I also have taken Chinese for four years at Notre Dame, which has allowed me to learn how to write Chinese characters as well as read and speak the language.

My involvement with Chinese club as well as the language has opened my eyes to gain a new perspective of the world around me.

This has allowed me to expand my horizons and meet one of my best friends who is a foreign exchange student from China.

Together we have exposed each other to the different cultural aspects of the United States and China that we would not have learned from researching online or reading in a textbook.

Taking a foreign language and being in an international club is truly an eye-opening experience that I would recommend to everyone at Notre Dame due to the global perspectives these activities can give you.

It is important to gain these worldviews, for it makes it easier for you to understand others’ perspectives as well as understand their point of view on a situation.

Overall, studying a foreign language or joining a language club can help you make connections with others from all around the world, gain new perspectives you would not gain without being involved and allow you to be involved in different cultural activities.

If nothing else, getting involved can lead you to have a lot of fun with other Notre Dame students and make the day a little different from the day before.