Seidl Gives Advice on Choosing a College

Seidl Gives Advice on Choosing a College

Lauren Van Gheem , Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Notre Dame Academy 2018 graduate, Emily Seidl, now attends Marquette University and currently studies Spanish.

“Three words to describe me are determined, curious, and extroverted,” explained Seidl.

Through Seidl’s four years attending NDA she was prepared well for college, especially in biology, Spanish and theology.

I also believe that NDA did an amazing job teaching me how to study effectively and write strong papers, which have been applicable to all of my classes,” she said.

However, Seidl wished she had learned more about finance and current events at Notre Dame Academy.

“Those are incredibly important to be informed about once you are living independently,” she said.

Seidl was very involved in music extracurriculars when she attended NDA, which is something she admits to missing.

“I would tell my younger self to not overstress about the college decision process,” she said.

Seidl struggled when choosing a college because she did not feel the ‘at home’ feeling that people told her about.

She said, “I think the best thing to do is to narrow your choices down to a few schools and attend the events they offer for admitted students, as that was what really allowed me to see the right place.”

Seidl loves the freedom that college offers her.

“I enjoy being able to choose my own path and explore the opportunities that the school offers,” she said.

During her free time she enjoys the clubs that she is in, including Jazz Band, a Liturgical Choir and a service club.

“I also really enjoy socializing with and learning from a large diversity of people,” said Seidl.

She has come home a few times but she enjoys the Marquette area and finds many things to do on campus and in Milwaukee.

“In 15 years I see myself in a career that I love, that allows me to travel and interact with a variety of people,” she said. 

“I love Emily’s dedication, sincerity and intelligence. She was a joy to have as a student,” said Mrs. Andrea Gilson, one of Seidl’s high school teachers.

“She was kind and hardworking and always a pleasure to have in class,” said Mrs. Crystal Dory, another one of Seidl’s teachers.