Witness More Than a Club–a Community!

Madeline Jaloszynski, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Campus Minister Daniel Kriegl not only leads the Astra Club but also dedicates his time to NDA Witness.

NDA Witness is the faith or youth group of Notre Dame Academy. They meet around twice a month. At the meetings they talk about different Catholic teaching topics that are all relevant in the faith.

Recently, the club celebrated a Mardi Gras Potluck. They ate a lot of food and discussed topics such as Ash Wednesday, politics and marriage.

Alongside Mr. Kriegl, Father Christian, school chaplain, also participates in this club.

The club usually has five to ten people at each meeting; however, when bigger events get promoted, more people tend to come. Mardi Gras, Theology on tap or Christmas karaoke are the most popular events for NDA Witness.

  NDA Witness only meets at Notre Dame Academy. With special liability requirements Kriegl prefers to stay on campus.

“It is nice when we have a good thoughtful discussion. It doesn’t always happen, but when it does, it’s very rewarding,” Kriegl said.

NDA Witness and Astra Club are commonly confused with one another.

NDA Witness is strictly discussing one’s faith and growing closer to God, getting a different perspective and understanding.

Astra Club is service. The club does many different activities throughout the school year to help out the community.

“Witness is definitely a different dynamic than ASTRA. In ASTRA, we serve others in our community off school campus. In Witness, we discuss topics that relate to the faith, while everybody gives their input (and eats scotcheroos!). I cannot say I like either more than the other because they are both important to me and vital for my faith,” said Sydney Ditscheit.

Ditscheit started going to a few Witness meetings, such as Theology on Tap and the March movie her freshman year. She knew she wanted to explore her faith knowledge, but she needed some type of direction. She also heard that there was food,so it motivated her more. She assumed that Witness would give her the guidance she wanted, and it was proven correct. Her sophomore year she started to attend most of the meetings, which turned out to be a great reward for her.

Being surrounded by people who are seeking the same things I am encourages me to follow Christ in my everyday life. Witness is more than a club. It’s a community,” said the junior.