Eliza Campbell Teaching at DePere, Still Coaching Girls Basketball at NDA

Eliza Campbell Teaching at DePere, Still Coaching Girls Basketball at NDA

Maxwell Timmer, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Former NDA student and substitute teacher Eliza Campbell joined the De Pere High School teaching staff this year. 

“Being a first year teacher, I was open to teaching anywhere, but I feel extremely fortunate to have found a job working for such an amazing school district,” said Campbell. Campbell teaches U.S. History, Intro to Social Studies and Geography. 

Campbell graduated from Notre Dame in 2014 with two state basketball championship wins under her belt. She then went to UW-Oshkosh where she averaged nine points per game and completed 43% of her shots.

Even though Campbell will not be teaching at Notre Dame, she is still involved in the Triton community as the varsity girls basketball assistant to Sara Rohde, the coach she once played under. She was a first-year teacher substitute at Notre Dame last year.. 

Campbell found her passion for basketball and teaching from the advice of Coach John Nowak. The legendary coach once told her: “I like the idea of no matter how old I am, I will be able to be around people who make me feel young.” 

“That sat with me because I am such a kid at heart, and I want to be in a setting where you get something new every day,” said Campbell. 

“De Pere has an awesome culture. The staff and kids have been very nice and welcoming,” she explained. “I am excited to improve as a teacher and build relationships with my students and coworkers.” 

Most teachers get hired several months before the school year, but Campbell is an exception to this. 

“I got the De Pere job due to a last-minute need at the high school. I was on the substitute teacher list which is how they had my name and information. They recognized that I fit the spot they needed,” she explained. 

One of the hardest transitions for Campbell is going from NDA’s uniforms to De Pere’s dress code. 

“My experiences with school have always been having uniforms, so seeing kids not wearing uniforms was something different for me,” Campbell said. 

Campbell is in her first year at De Pere High School and continues to coach for the NDA girls basketball team this season.