Environmental Club Builds Mobile Plant Light, Encourages Others to Join Their Environmental Efforts


Sophie Hornberger, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

NDA’s Environmental Club is a great opportunity for students who want to be a steward of their environment. 

“Environmental Club is a club that is focused on advocacy and education about the environment,” said Skylar Schultz, one of four Environmental Club student leaders. Senior Schultz leads the club alongside senior Stella Cuene and juniors Delaney Gallagher and Jaqueline Zacharias. 

“We do some service activities, and some educational and informational documentary nights,” said Schultz. “A lot of it is getting students to be engaged with their environment and being stewards of that environment.” 

The club recently built a mobile plant light to grow plants at NDA. 

“We’ve been trying for years, pretty much since I was a freshman, to get some sort of a greenhouse in school,” said Schultz. “This year we kind of took things into our own hands and ended up setting up a grow light in the back of Ms. Corriveau’s classroom.”

Setting up the grow light was not the easiest task, Schultz described. 

“It was quite the adventure, actually setting up the thing. But, it was super fun. It was really cool to get everyone there in person, building stuff with our hands, smacking poles on the floor, screwing in screws,” said Schultz. 

“I’ll never forget pulling stoppers out of tubes in the middle of the hallway at like five p.m. It was the definition of a joint effort because we had like four people trying to get this stopper out of a tube. We all got to kind of laugh about it. You know, we made mistakes and we fixed them. And we got our light up after all of these years.” 

Schultz described the personal importance of caring for the environment and being a member of Environmental Club. 

“ I think [the environment] is something that really needs to be put first if we have a hope of existing in our environment for longer than a couple decades. It’s something that’s always in the back of my mind, personally,” said Schultz. “I think getting people in our community and our school to be more aware of that is always a good thing. It’s also a part of everything we do. It’s the air we breathe, it’s the water we drink, and so, to be ignorant of that is damaging to yourself.”

“As far as clubs go, we’re pretty versatile,” said Schultz, encouraging students to join. “Anything from potting plants, to movie nights, to poster making, to apple orchards.”

If you are interested in joining Environmental Club, you can contact one of their group leaders via email, or talk to Ms. Corriveau or Mrs. Mattke. The club is meeting after school next Thursday, February 24, for a documentary night. More information can be found on their Google Classroom page, or on their Instagram: @ndaenvironmentalclub  

“Join Environmental Club! It’s a great time,” said Schultz. “We do a lot of cool stuff and there’s plenty of room for student involvement.”