Food Truck Friday Kicks Off Spring Week

Delaney Butterfield, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

With Spring Week just around the corner, Student Government decided to bring in three different food trucks and coordinate different Lawn Master games to get everyone excited and in the mood for the upcoming festivities of Spring Week.

“Even though it does not fall in the actual Spring Week, the Food Truck and Lawn Master games were planned to get the students into the mood for Spring Week,” explained Josh Wiesner, student body president.

Student Government certainly did a great job getting students and faculty in high spirits. Even though the lines for the trucks were long, everyone was just happy to be outside and doing something fun. The Lawn Master games were a hit that a lot of people seemed to enjoy quite a bit.

“I really enjoyed it,” said Jennifer Cluckey, sophomore. “It was a unique opportunity that I hope happens again in years to come.”

The only complaint students seemed to have was that the lines were so long due to the small number of trucks. Because this was the first time Food Truck Friday has happened at NDA, it was expected that there was going to be long lines. However, that didn’t seem to ruin anyone’s mood too much because it was still all fun and games out on the front lawn of the school.

Food Truck Friday was a unique way to unofficially kick off Spring Week. The warm weather and fun games got people in good moods and looking forward to the fun week ahead.

Hopefully, Food Truck Friday will be back to kick off Spring Week again next year.