Sting Cancer Up & Running Again

Abby Wittler, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

After a year without a moderator, Notre Dame’s Sting Cancer Club is back up and running. Prior to last year when the moderator had too much on her plate and had to stop advising the club, this organization has been part of NDA since 2008.

Two members of the club were very upset about it not being a part of NDA’s community anymore and have been working to get the club running again.

These hardworking girls are Sami LeFever and Anna Kaye. They were both part of the club their freshman and sophomore year and thought it was important to bring it back.

After not being able to find a moderator last year, Joey Rickards and Shelly Cowans reached out and offered their support in bringing back the club for this school year.

Our biggest challenge is just getting the club up and going again. Since Sami and I were both underclassmen when we were part of the club, we did not have huge roles, so we need to learn how everything worked,” said Kaye.

This club raises awareness and money for cancer research through pink-out games, St. Baldrick’s, bake sales and t-shirts.

I really enjoyed my experiences with the club freshman and sophomore year and was super disappointed last year when I learned that the club was stopping. Sami and I wanted to start it back up because we believe it has an important purpose of helping people who are fighting cancer,” Kaye explained. a

This year they hope to continue these traditions and add more service to the club such as shoveling, yard work and grocery shopping for people who are battling cancer and could use a little extra help.

They would also like to put together gift baskets for people battling cancer and connect with a local hospital or cancer organization to see what else they can do to help.

Both girls mentioned that they love making a difference, even if it is a very small impact. They have seen how tough of a battle it is and believe that no one should have to go through it alone.

“It’s all about the actions that we, as moderators and club members, take to do what we can to help,” said LeFever about the club’s success.

There are never too many people to help raise awareness for cancer, so everyone involved in this club encourages students to join if they want to make a difference.