NDA Hockey Retires #10 Jersey in Honor of Pavek Brothers


Madison Polack, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

At senior night NDA retired the hockey number worn by all three Pavek boys (Ross, Will, and senior Jack) who played here. This retirement of the #10 hockey jersey was in celebration and appreciation for what the boys have meant to the Academy hockey program.

All three of the sons began playing hockey when they were four years old. They lived in Las Vegas when they were younger, but oddly enough they found their way to the rink in the desert.

In 2001 their family moved to Green Bay.  Tim, their dad, and his brothers played hockey growing up, so it was a passion he passed on to the boys.

Hockey has been the focus of the Paveks’ winter months for the past 20 years, as all three of them played travel hockey at the Tier 1 level during their youth years, NDA Hockey, Junior Hockey, and now college hockey for the oldest son.

Ross graduated from NDA in 2010, Will in 2013 and Jack will graduate this year. They all wore the #10 jersey during their NDA hockey career. A Pavek has worn that number for a total of 10 years starting in 2006.

“We were humbled and honored at this gesture of recognition to our commitment and contributions to the program,“ said their mom, Mrs. Diane Pavek.

The oldest brother, Ross, is 24 years old and plays hockey at St Norbert College, where he still wears the number 10. Will, the middle brother, is living in England on a study abroad program. He is 21 years old and attends the University of St. Thomas.

Jack Pavek just finished his last season of Academy hockey. His future college and hockey plans are undecided.

“It’s a great honor to have the number 10 retired, especially in a program as great as ours at Notre Dame,” said Jack.  Having always looked up to his brothers who wore #10 before him, he considered it an “honor” to have it as his own the last three years.