Senior Athletes Signing to Play College Sports


Meghan Yakel, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Multiple student athletes have gone on from Notre Dame Academy to continue their athletic careers in college. This year specifically, an abundance of athletes in the 2018 senior class have committed to play sports following their high school careers.

Committing to play a sport in college is a big milestone. But the following have made the decisiion to take the challenge.

Mike Gregoire has committed to play football at UW-Madison in Fall of 2018, Trudy Quidzinski has committed to play soccer at Northern Illinois University, Grace Shaw committed to play soccer at Michigan Tech, Stephen Scripp is playing soccer at Spring Hill College in Alabama, Kaycee Gierczak is playing basketball at UW-Eau Claire, Max Pallini is playing football at St. Thomas University, Grant Shilbauer is playing Lacrosse at Arizona State University, and there possibly could be more athletes that will decide later this semester.

All the athletes that are committing have been playing sports since they were very young and are excited to continue pursuing their flourishing talents elsewhere after high school.

“I am very excited about my commitment to play football at UW-Madison this upcoming fall, and I look forward to chasing my dreams and becoming a part of such a great legacy that has been left at the University,” said Gregoire.

The athletes come from supportive families which is very helpful in any situation, but especially when committing to play a sport and further a person’s education in college.

“My family has always pushed me to be the best possible man and athlete I can possibly be. I wouldn’t be where I am today without them,” said Gregoire.

NDA has a long history of sending off student-athletes to play sports in college. These students are typically very committed, driven and talented as well as maintaining  good grades.

“Playing a sport in college will be something you remember forever and you will make memories that you will cherish for the rest of your life,” said NDA Athletic Director Steph Mathu at Stephen Scripp’s signing to Spring Hill College.

Just this past week, four athletes have had their signings of commitment for their colleges.