Will Boys Volleyball Return to NDA?

Sam Schmid, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Boys volleyball, specifically at Notre Dame Academy, may be continuing next fall due to the interest from boys and their parents.  A critical meeting on Monday, March 4, could be the deciding factor.

In the past year, boys volleyball had to cancel their season as a result of not having enough players to participate.

The purpose for restarting the program comes from within our own community.

“There were several parents and others who had expressed their interest in bringing back boys volleyball, and we currently have 28 students signed up,” said Steph Mathu, the athletic director here at Notre Dame.

Some of the players that played two years, like basketball players Cooper Bukowski and Danny Nennig, love the idea of the resurgence of boys volleyball.

“It gives me something to do after school during the fall, and it teaches me different skills rather than playing one sport year round,” said Bukowski.

“I also like the idea of bringing it back because it made a lot of memories for me, and I received a warm welcoming even though I wasn’t the best. I would like younger people to get the same opportunity,” said Nennig.

In 2017, the boys went 9-15-2, but despite the losing record, Bukowski thought it was a great season.

“I mean, for a lot of us, it was our first time playing volleyball, so it’s not that bad,” said Bukowski.

Other students who wouldn’t play boys volleyball, such as Howie Gerstner, like the idea too.

“I think it’s an opportunity for all athletes to show their abilities in their own way, including boys volleyball,” said Gerstner.

But there happen to be some complications with boys volleyball since no Green Bay area schools offer a team.

“The NDA boys volleyball team will be a part of the Fox Valley Association and scheduling gym time and game times are difficult because all fall conference games and matches are already scheduled through the 2020 season,” said Mathu.

The boys can have a maximum of 15 games throughout the year, seven of those being invitationals.

A critical parent/athlete meeting will take place Monday, March 4, at 6:45 in the auditorium to, in the words of the announcement, “discuss where we are at in the process.”  The athletic director said “if you plan to play, please be there with a parent.”