Stover Lives a Life of Exercise

Jeremy Aguilar, Staff Writer, Journalism I

Spanish teacher Amy Stover helps out parents that don’t know how to speak English. She translates for them and also tutors  students in their academics, giving good advice to them. In her own words, “I give tough love.” 

So where do sports fit into her life?

Stover  grew up on a dairy farm. She was always active whether it be milking the cows, feeding animals, baling  hay or cleaning barns and pens. Sports were something fun for Mrs.Stover when she was growing up, and she acknowledges sports weren’t quite as competitive then as they are today. 

Stover’s father was her  basketball coach from 4th – 8th grade, and she said he was the “hardest coach” she ever had. She started off as a guard but was later switched to forward. Her sisters also did sports.

In high school, due to conflicting practice times, she took a little break from basketball due to to participate in forensics. However, freshman and sophomore years she ran track, doing short distances, 100m and 200, plus hurdles. In addition, she threw the discus. 

Stover switched to the two-mile run in track in 11th grade when the coach found out that she did cross country.  She dropped hurdles, which she disliked, and continued to throw discus. Her junior and senior years in high school she ran cross country and received the most improved award for girls as a junior.  

        The Spanish teacher did not do sports during her college years, saying she “studied hard to graduate from college.”  When she got married, she and her husband would go to the YMCA before work at 5 a.m. After having her daughters, they switched to going to the gym after work. 

.Stover still goes five days a week to the YMCA where she has a routine 

of some cardio and weight lifting. She also does Group Core class every Wednesday. Every year she   and her daughter Alexandra run the Cellcom 5K, and every couple years they also run the


 Bellin 10K.

According to the teacher, she exercises to relieve stress and to stay healthy.

Her daughters were on the dance team when they were younger and did sports such as volleyball, but it did not work out, so they, as well as her husband, also go to the YMCA.

“This is a lifestyle for my family,’’ she said.  Staying healthy, reducing stress and eating well are all good habits to help her family live a long, happy life.

From childhood to present day, Stover has kept this life style.