Salerno Busy (but Happy) with Musical, Tritones & Music Ministry

Madison Kaster, Staff Writer

Mrs. Christine Salerno hit the school year running–or make that singing! The music teacher, also NDA’s music ministry director, has multiple projects already underway.

First, the musical Cinderella, which she says will be “very lively” with “lots of cool lighting.” She stressed the musical is not aimed towards any one age group but should be a show for all ages.  

Students in the auditions were so talented that, according to Mrs. Salerno, “it was very difficult to choose the cast.”

After a week of auditions and callbacks, a cast numbering over 30 had their names taped to the auditorium door.  The title role of Cinderella will be played by Anabelle Xiong.

Prince Christopher is Charlie Urick, Hailey Gutowski the Fairy Godmother, Faith Hicks the Stepmother and Caitlin Aude and Ella Hunt the two stepsisters.


After musical auditions, singers made the cut for the 2015-26 Tritones, NDA’s singing ambassadors and entertainers.  The group of select singers include. . . . .

Tyler Bergner

Andrew Dellamater

Ali DeWilde

Katie Gapinski

Hailey Gutowski (Sem 2)

Marion Hermitanio

Ella Hunt

Natalie Jacques

Maddy Kaster

Emily Lelinski

Mily Ness

Ben Richards

Katie Romes

Antonio Salerno

Emily Seidl

Anne Treleven

Charlie Urick

Hannah VandenHeuvel

Sinead Van Dreese

Whitney Walczyk

Maddy Weber

Anabelle Xiong

Sarah Zarvan

Because so many people auditioned for the Tritones, Mrs. Salerno decided to create another singing group called “Young Tritones.”  The increased number was “wonderful to see,” she said, and she hoped to encourage first-time participants by offering them  performing and practice experience.  

Her goal is to let them see if singing and performing is “something they would like to continue in the future.”

Why does Mrs. Salerno devote so much of her time to NDA?

“I love NDA,” she said, “and I feel like I am called to be here.”

This year, her son, a junior transfer student from De Pere High School, joins her as a Triton.