Cinderella Musical: Thumbs-up Review

Elizabeth Bolin, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Everyone’s heard the classic tale of Cinderella and her original rags to riches story, but not everyone has heard it in showtunes. I got the pleasure of attending Notre Dame Academy’s production of Rodger and Hammerstein’s Cinderella, and it did not disappoint.

Anabelle Xiong, the junior tasked with portraying Cinderella herself, was a delight to the audience and everyone who heard her. Not a wrong note was sung in the Triton theater that night and faltered lines were left behind in rehearsals.

Paired with Xiong was Charlie Urick, another junior taking on the role of Prince Christopher. The two were a terrific team who commanded the stage and the attention of all in the audience.

The show was a group effort and the supporting characters were equally as wonderful. Ella Hunt, Faith Hicks and Caitlyn Aude were the terrible trio of Cinderella’s stepfamily, providing comedic relief as well as three more confident voices added to the mix.

The sets were reliable and detailed, and gasps were heard around the theater when the ice-white carriage was rolled onstage. It was easy to see that the crew were experts on their cues and scene changes. Everything went smoothly.

The orchestra performed beautifully; the pit was clearly well practiced and well instructed.

As Saturday was the last show, there was a small ceremony honoring the seniors in the cast, crew, and pit that would be graduating and leaving the program at the end of this year.

Anyone would have enjoyed this exceptional play filled with talented actors, musicians and crew members.