Winter Dance Saturday Night at NDA

Madison Polack, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Saturday many students from NDA will attend their school winter dance. The dance starts at 8:00 and ends at 11:00.

The theme this year is a blue-and-white winter atmosphere, and the popular photo area will be available in the south commons for students during the dance. Tickets are $7.

Mrs. Jen Laaksonen (Frau), German teacher and Student Government adviser, plays a big role in planning the dance along with many students in Student Government. She said, “It is a long winter, and I am excited to see the kids have fun and maybe dress up.”

Junior Andrew Gruesen said, “I like the winter dance (Sweethearts) because it is a fun break amongst all the work that needs to be done over the winter academically and athletically. Also, it is great since the girls typically do most of the work for this dance.”

Often many make plans to go out for dinner before the dance with groups that include both dates and friends. Some common restaurants include Koko Sushi, Plae Bistro, 1919 Kitchen and Tap located at Lambeau Field, Oneida Country Club, Green Bay Country Club, Titletown Brewery, and Rustique. At the dance, students are able to show off their dance moves on the dance floor to their favorite songs played by a DJ.

Junior Trudy Quidzinski said, “Don’t think too much, just dance. It is all about letting loose and having fun!”

Junior Meghan Yakel said, “Going out to dinner before the dance is always a fun time to socialize with your friends. My personal favorite restaurant before a dance is Koko’s.”

For the freshmen and new students this year, this is their first winter dance at NDA. Many are really looking forward to it.

Freshman Ellese Martin said, “I am really looking forward to having a fun night with friends.”

Junior Grace Zellner said, “It is really something I am looking forward to. I am excited to just have a fun night with close friends. I can’t wait!”

Something is different about the dance this year. The dance is not officially called Sweetheart Switch anymore. The name Sweethearts did not go away. It is just not being officially used since it is not solely a girls-ask-guys dance, and a date is not necessary to attend. However, some girls enjoy asking the guys for this dance because it is something fun and different.

Unfortunately, the boys on the NDA hockey team will not be able to attend due to games in Detroit, Michigan. In addition, the girls on the NDA dance team will not be in attendance because they are competing at the state competition in both jazz and pop this weekend in La Crosse.

Junior Kennedy O’Nell said, “I am really sad to be missing the school dance, but I am really excited for the state competition!”