Bye Bye Birdie Welcomes Several Newcomers to the Stage

Autumn Klemencic & Kyra Merriman, Staff Writers, Journalism I

Notre Dame Academy holds a high standard and enjoys a longstanding tradition of excellence in its theatre program.

In January NDA students will be putting on the show Bye Bye Birdie.  Being a part of the musical is a demanding commitment. Many people audition but everyone is not guaranteed a role. 

This year NDA welcomes a number of new faces to the stage. New participants include Elizabeth Parish, Jacob Massart, Yumei Zhang, Max Timmer, Sheena Liang, Elizabeth Scott, Josie Sullivan and Andrew Gunville.  

The musical brings in new faces every single year, generally performers who love music and are encouraged by their peers to try out.

“My friends all supported me when I was super nervous to try out,” said senior Sheena Liang.

I’m most looking forward to the moment when the show begins to come together with the costumes, set, hair and makeup,” freshman Lizzy Parish said.

New participants in the musical have to get used to long hours of practice and dedication.

“The most challenging part of the musical is to be able to put in as much work for the musical as I need, and for me to also be able to keep up with school at the same time,” said freshman Jacob Massart.

“The time commitment and the hard work you put in are the same no matter what role you have, big or small,” junior Max Timmer said.

Being part of the cast in the musical has brought out certain characteristics that these individuals never even knew they had.

According to Parish, “I have learned that I can open myself up to a completely new environment and to be more open to suggestions.”

Along with Parish, Yumei has also learned a great life-long trait. “I can do anything I put my mind to,” she said.

No doubt the musical has impacted students that participate in the show as well as their peers that come to support their roles.   

Max Timmer said he “would 100 percent  join the school musical again and plans on auditioning again in the future years.”