Massart Reps NDA in Fox Cities ‘Center Stage’ Program

Massart Reps NDA in Fox Cities Center Stage Program

Sophie Hornberger, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Although this year’s musical, Footloose, is over, NDA senior Jacob Massart is still staying involved in theater through the Fox Cities “Center Stage” program. 

This is NDA’s first time being involved in Center Stage in a number of years. The program, designed to “celebrate and support the achievement of high school theater,” includes opportunities for students at participating schools to attend workshops and events and has opportunities for area schools to be nominated for different awards for their musicals. 

Massart, specifically, is involved in the program as NDA’s student ambassador. 

“I am our school’s student ambassador,” said Massart, “so I do different interviews with Channel 5 when I go to workshops, and then I also go to monthly meetings in which we talk about different things, whether it be ad planning, or how to actually run the business aspects behind theater.”

Massart has been involved with theater since his freshman year, having participated in every show NDA has put on. 

“It is what made me discover my love and passion for theater,” said Massart of his experiences in theater at NDA. 

As for his experiences with Center Stage, Massart anticipates that his favorite one hasn’t happened yet. 

“I’m most excited for the Center Stage Showcase, which is May 7,” said Massart. “It is kind of like the big wrap-up of all the shows. It’s when they actually award the school’s productions and different actors and actresses as well as people backstage, and other people that are involved in the productions.”

“Although that hasn’t happened yet, just from the sound of what I’ve heard about it, it’s a really good event that really draws in the community, especially since there’s a lot of different things that go into it. Full costumes, different medleys from shows that were in it, things like that,” said Massart. 

He is hopeful that NDA’s production of Footloose could win some awards at the showcase. 

“The hope is that we get nominated for best ensemble and best show,” said Massart, “just because that’s really kind of the biggest achievement. It really shows that everyone in your show put forth 110% effort to win it or be nominated. I think that we definitely have a pretty good chance for a lot of the awards just because of how strong our show was. Not only did the people in the show feel good about it, but there was a lot of commotion and things like that outside of it.” 

Massart plans to continue to study theater in college. He is hopeful that Center Stage will continue to provide opportunities for students at NDA in future years, as it has for him. 

“I hope we pursue it again and see what next year has to offer for the juniors, sophomores, freshmen and incoming freshmen,” said the senior.