Cabaret Night Highlights Fine Arts at NDA, Offers Entertainment for Everyone


Cassi Garrison, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

On Saturday, March 25th, Notre Dame Academy’s Cabaret Night will take place, and it promises to be an exciting and memorable event.  

As they have done in recent years, band parents will sponsor a catered dinner–this year from Parker John’s.

Students are able to sign up for Cabaret Night to showcase their skills in art, singing, playing an instrument, comedy and more.

In addition to the students that sign up, NDA’s band and choir also organize groups to perform at Cabaret Night.

“Cabaret Night is a great event that features our super talented NDA students,” shared band director Steve Johnson. “The NDA band groups that will be performing are the Brass Ensemble, the Woodwind Ensemble under the direction of Mr. Gardner, the NDA Drum Line, and the Triton Jazz Band.”

NDA’s choir will also have a group singing at Cabaret Night: the Tritones Vocal Jazz and Contemporary Ensemble, which will perform “City of Stars” and “Rock With You” at 6 p.m. in the commons.

“In addition, Tolu Adejumo will perform her solo ‘Lullaby of Birdland’ and Francine Boateng will be performing ‘Angel Eyes,’” shared choir director Christine Salerno. “We have been rehearsing before and after school whenever we can to prepare for our performances.”

Cabaret Night has also had an interesting history here at NDA, shared English teacher Carolyn Brown. 

“Long time ago we had a Drama Club adviser from outside the school, and the Drama Club had traditionally been in charge of the event,” said Brown. “The adviser decided to charge something like $5 to come to the night. I was Student Government adviser back then, and Mr. Masarik wanted Student Government to organize the event.”

“I told him we’d do it, if the event was free to students, parents and the community.  He agreed to that, and the response was terrific!  That first year we had a donation jar and people gave and gave because the events were so good. Now Frau is Student Government adviser, and Cabaret Night has grown and grown,” she shared.

Brown added that, though many special memories are made at Cabaret night, her personal favorites have been hearing Ben Harpt, a great athlete, play the piano, or when Molly Kukiela sang her wedding song in the auditorium and dedicated it to her.

“It’s the unexpected performers that make Cabaret Night special,” she said.