JV Basketball Girls Bond On & Off Court

Gioia Cumicek, Staff Writer, Journalism I

Rachel Bal and Emily Cribben, both NDA sophomores, have been playing basketball for eight years and now play on the Notre Dame Tritons JV team.

Bal’s parents both played basketball so she started from a young age. Bal takes stats for the JV team because she is recovering from an ACL injury. Bal plans on playing throughout high school.

“We usually are always practicing and getting ready for our real season,” said Bal.

Cribben’s parents both had a strong love for basketball so they started her in the sport. Cribben plays as the point guard on the team, and, like Bal, plans on playing throughout high school. Cribben also runs track.

The basketball season starts in mid-November and lasts until mid-February. The season can last longer depending on the state tournament. JV practices five times a week while varsity practices six times a week.

The JV team plays 18 conference games throughout the season. They also play Hortonville, Pewaukee and the Brookfield tournament every year.

“It can be hard at times, but I just have to learn not to procrastinate my homework,” said Cribben. It can be very difficult especially during finals but the girls learn to manage their time and remember “it is no different than any other sport.”

To get ready for the season the team participates in open gym, lifting and scrimmages in order to stay in shape. Leagues are played all year round which keeps the team in shape for the real season.

The JV team is a very close team. In order to bond and bring the girls closer together, they do many different activities together. The team has common interests which make it easier for them to come together. As a team they have set a goal to play to their best ability and to win. The members of the team are positive and encouraging towards one another, not only on the court but also during their practices.