Academy Chatter: What Movie Would Be Your Choice to Win Best Picture?

Staff Writers, Advanced Journalism

Lilly Brada, freshman: “Guardians of the Galaxy because it was not only an awesome movie, but the music was amazing, too.”

PJ Schneider, freshman: “Guardians of the Galaxy because it’s so funny.”

Daniel Patz, freshman: “Guardians of the Galaxy because the music is great.”

Josey McClain, freshman: “Captain America 2 because I liked the movie and Captain America is pretty attractive.”

Morgan Shram, freshman: “Big Hero 6 because it was amazing.”

Zack Jerzyk, freshman: “The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies because I read the Hobbit.”

Marie Patz, junior: “How to Train Your Dragon 2 because there was amazing cinematography and great music.”

Nacho Martin, senior:Gardens of the Galaxy because it is hilarious and a good action movie.”

Grace Shaw, freshman:Blended because it is super funny.”

Ben Busher, freshman:Grand Budapest Hotel because I found it extremely funny.”

Rachel Philipp, freshman:Interstellar because it has a good story line.”

Lauren Welker, freshman: Mockingjay Part 1 because the books are amazing and Katniss is bae.”

Ashley Laskowski, freshman: Frozen because of the songs!”

Cole Cullen, freshman: American Sniper because it has a very powerful message behind it.”

Alma Torres, junior:The Fault in Our Stars because it’s an amazing love story.”

Maddie Brusda, junior:The Proposal because the scene in the woods reminds me of something Jack Dooley would do.”

Liz Markland, junior:Finding Nemo because it’s a classic.”

Emily Kapalko, senior:Big Hero 6 because it was a really good kids movie that adults can enjoy too.”

Emma Neumeyer, junior: “Star Wars because it has great visual and sound effects.”

Corinne Meglic, sophomore:Bridesmaids because it’s freaking hilarious.”

Hannah Farrell, junior:Kicking and Screaming because it’s hilarious.”

Ben Lelinski, freshman: “American Sniper because it was the best movie I have ever seen. The characters did a great job of recreating the book into a movie.”

Andrew Gruesen, freshman: “Grand Budapest Hotel because it had a feel to it that was unorthodox with hints of humor scattered throughout the film. It had great acting and costumes as well.”

Meghan Yakel, freshman: The Fault in Our Stars because it’s a really good movie, and Ansel Elgort is hot.”

Allison Rakers, freshman: “Mine would be American Sniper because it was a good movie and showed what people actually do in the world.”

Abby Anderson, freshman: “Neighbors because I laughed hysterically at it with my teammates.”

Olivia Blumb, freshman: Still Alice because I have watched someone suffer from Alzheimer’s, and it is terrifying to witness.”

Colton Lippert, senior: “Obviously Rock Star because of Marky Mark.”

Jack Petermann, senior:Grown ups because it’s funny.”

Ty Yewman, senior:Step Brothers because there are so many good quotes.”

John Savona, senior:Biker Boyz because Crotch Rockets are amazing.”

Derek Antonissen, senior:The Ringer because it’s so funny.”

Bethany McCole, senior:Magic Mike because dance is my favorite sport.”

Jack Ritchay, senior:Cadi Shack because I love golf.”

Jacob Hilliard, senior:Friday Night Lights because it’s a true story and just awesome.”