Games Club Attracts All Kinds of ‘Gamers’


Riley Guyette, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

As Club Fair fast approaches more and more clubs are swinging into action.

One such club is Games Club, a club all about playing card games, board games, video games and lawn games.

Interest in a Games Club began in 2013, and it was officially approved in 2014.

After taking a break last year due to COVID, Games Club returns for the 2021-2022 school year.

Junior Camden Chrudimsky has been a member of the club since his freshman year and this year has taken a leadership role. 

He joined the club so that he could “meet fellow students at NDA that were interested in video games or card games.” 

Chrudimsky loves being a part of an extracurricular that isn’t education-based so that he can have a place to relax after a hard day of school. 

“The best part of Game Club is the ability to be in a school setting but still being able to meet up with friends to just play games without the demand of assignments or other classes,” he explained. “It allows you to meet people you may not have in your normal classes and allows you to connect with them in a personal way.”

Senior Grace Gunville, the current president of the club, was prompted to attend a meeting during her sophomore year. 

“One of my friends ‘dragged’ me to a meeting knowing how much I loved playing card and board games,” explained the senior. 

The community around the club has been the most exciting part for Gunville.

“I love seeing people from all grades getting to know each other and bond over a shared love of games,” she said. “I also love the competition that comes from playing the games.”

Mrs. Katie Stanczak, the host of the club, is a gamer herself and has loved gaming her entire life. 

“I’ve always wanted to balance the fun and social components with responsibility,” recalled Stanczak. “Gaming has evolved into so many unique and advanced platforms which is why it is still very important to teach students balance.”

Stanczak believes games can do more for students than just deliver an enjoyable experience.

“As a multi-billion dollar industry, gaming is a cutting-edge career field for coding, graphic design, website creation and marketing,” Stanczak explained. “In addition, it is a fantastic way for students to get to know one another especially after the quarantine and isolation of COVID.”

Interested students can join by simply emailing Mrs. Stanczak about their interests, and they will be added to the club’s Google Classroom.

Students can enroll in the club year-round and there are no added costs unless interested in a club shirt.