Art Club Members Enjoy Time to Share Their Passion for Art


Riley Guyette, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

For many years students have used Notre Dame’s Art Club as a space to share their passion for art with the community.

The club has continued to provide this space throughout the current 2021-2022 school year. 

Mrs. Melanie Bradshaw, now in her fourth year at NDA, has served as the club’s moderator since her arrival.

She explained, “We do a really large variety of activities. It is really dependent on the current members and what their interests are.”

Recent activities have included a Bob Ross paint-along, the creation of a club tee-shirt, pumpkin carving, gingerbread house decorating, and more.  

The mural painted in the upstairs hallway of the school can also be attributed to the Art Club.

“I like that Art Club provides a space for students to just relax and be able to make things without worrying about the grade it will get,” explained Bradshaw. “Another fun aspect is that we can make things we can’t necessarily make in art class.”

A major appeal of the club stems not just from the projects themselves, but from the time spent with a community of fellow art- lovers. 

Senior Lilly Steber, who has been a member since her freshman year, explained, “The main reason that I love going to Art Club is that I can hang out with all of my friends and have a good time.” 

This opinion was shared by Junior Alexandra Reif, who claimed to enjoy the “open-minded and accepting environment of Art Club.”  

Ismael Quezada’s passion for art caused him to join the club as a sophomore.

“I think it’s nice being able to partake in different activities that either help the school community, or are done simply for the sake of having fun with friends,” said the senior. “You can express yourself with the types of art you make, and everyone in Art Club has completely different styles of art-making. It’s super cool being able to share that.”

Junior Gianna Farone had always wanted to be a member of the Art Club but didn’t join until this year due to the pandemic.

“My favorite thing about Art Slub is the relaxed environment,” said Farone. “Everyone gets along with each other really well, and you just get to hang out with your friends and just be yourself without judgment.”

Students interested in joining are encouraged to join the Google Classroom (code: qhm6l4h) and sign up for any events they find interesting. 

The club meets in the art room once a month after school for activities and will occasionally meet during advisory to decide on future projects or to discuss volunteer opportunities.

“We work to make the club a really safe space for anyone to come regardless of who you are or if you have been in the art room before,” said Bradshaw. “It is a really welcoming and friendly group of students who have varied identities, backgrounds and experiences with art.”