Academy Chatter: What Are Your Plans for Spring Break?

Staff Writers, Advanced Journalism

Devin Cribben, sophomore: “I’m going to Cozumel, Mexico.”

Barrett Desotell, sophomore: “I’m going to the Dells with friends, then going to Florida.”

Stephi Walczak, sophomore: “I’m going to Florida to visit my grandparents.”

Megan Harrison, sophomore: “Going to Florida.”

Abbey Bongiorno, senior: “I’m going to Cancun with my family.”

Alex Socha, sophomore: “I am going to Ohio.”

Hope Gourley, sophomore: “I am going to Spain with my family.”

Steven Gerbers, sophomore: “I’m going to Mexico.”

Megan Krzewinski, senior: “I’m going to Tampa, Florida.”

Nate VandenHeuvel, senior: “Absolutely nothing.”

Ben Bouche, senior: “I will most likely be working.”

Will Cera, senior: “Green Bay.”

Jakub Deco, junior: “I’m going to volunteer on the TEC retreat.”

Hannah Conard, senior: “Watching Netflix with Mimi Kapalko.”

Mimi Kapalko, senior: “Watching Netflix with Hannah Conard.”

Jack Brandt, junior: “Going to Utah for skiing.”

Jack Ritchay, senior: “California.”

Mitchell Stackhouse, senior: “Puerto Rico then Atlanta.”

Evan Bouche, senior: “Punta Cana with the Dooleys.”

Maddy Weber, junior: “I’m not sure yet.”

Brian Hansford, junior: “I am going to tour some colleges; that’s probably it.”

Annika Olson, junior: “I’m staying in town.”

Morgan McKeefry, junior: “I’m going to Atlanta on the choir trip.”

Ethan Diestler, junior: “Yeah.”

Danielle Lippert, Freshman: “Going to Wisconsin Dells with my family and my cousins.”

Brehme Quidzinski, junior: “Sleep.”

Jake Ganther, senior: “Going to Arizona with my family.”

David Shaw, senior: “Stuff.”

Nick Pethan, senior: “Hanging out with people.”

Cecilia Tang, senior: “Visit a friend of my mom and Maroon 5 Concert in Chicago.”

Gage Garrity, junior: “I’m going to New Orleans and Alabama.”

Madi Larsen, senior: “Adventuring.”

Olivia Campbell, junior: “I will be staying in Green Bay.”

Danielle Matuszak, junior: “I am staying home and just relaxing… and catching up on sleep.”

Gabi Brockman, senior: “Not sure.”

Justin Ko, senior: “Going to play video games.”

Gaby Reyes, senior: “I wish I knew.”

Ana Holzbach, freshman: “ I’m doing nothing besides sleeping.”

Paulad Damirli, junior: “Visit boarding schools across the US and EU (Cali, Minnesota, Utah, UK,Switzerland, Austria).”

Stephen Lovell, sophomore: “I’m going to the Dells.”

Tommy Matthews, sophomore: “I’m probably going to my basement for a Doctor Who marathon. Allons-y!”

Maddi Reise, sophomore: “I’m going to Tennessee and Florida.”

Annabelle Whatley, sophomore: “I’m going to St. Petersburg, Florida, with my family.”

Christin Roskos, sophomore: “I don’t have plans :).”

Michael Rader, sophomore: “Watching March Madness basketball.”

Morgan Goodwin, sophomore: “Going to South Carolina with the family.”

Alissa DeWilde, sophomore: “Over spring break, I will probably hang out with my friends, visit my grandma in Illinois, and binge watch my favorite shows on Netflix.”

Dante Jadin, senior: “I’m going to Green Bay and playing NHL.”

Yeonsu Park (April), senior: “Go to Boston in order to visit my older sister.”

James Fitzwater, freshman: “Nothing, staying at home all alone.”

Aldo Gonzalez, freshman: “Eating (Yes, I’m back with the eating posts) and maybe learn a little bit of a third language though an app.”

Jackson Stromeyer, freshman: “Nothing.”

Emma Panure, sophomore: “I’m going to Florida.”

Herbert Tan, sophomore: “Staying at home.”

Alex Arnold, sophomore: “I am going to Sedona, Arizona.”

Morgan Carlson, sophomore: “I don’t know.”

Sam Conard, sophomore: “I think I’m going to Florida.”

David Torres, sophomore: “Be lonely and watch Netflix and play video games.”

Jadon Motquin, sophomore: “I’m going to Alabama with family and friends.”

Emma Kaster, sophomore: “I am going down to Atlanta for a choir trip.”

Noah Meyers, sophomore: “We have no plans currently.”

Carmen Moreno Navarro, sophomore: “I am going to Chicago with my family.”

Sam Lucero, sophomore: “I think I am going to South Carolina or Utah. I don’t remember.”

Jon Lemens, sophomore: “I’m going to Atlanta, Georgia.”

Wil Motquin, sophomore: “I am going to Chicago with some friends.”

Kevin Santiago, sophomore: “I’m going to Mexico to go see my family.”

Ben Rose, sophomore: “I’m going to Breckenridge, Colorado, to ski nearby resorts.”

Cameron Rottier, sophomore: “Preparing for the Atlanta choir trip and watching Netflix,


Emily Lelinski, sophomore: “I am going to North Carolina in the mountains to a wood cabin. Time to hike and relax.”

Mikayla Neveau, sophomore: “Eat, sleep and work.”

Cami Wendricks, sophomore: “Relaxing.”

Karlie Hornberger, senior: “I am going to visit my older sister, Katie, at Milwaukee School of


Alex Schneider, junior: “I’m going to Mexico and hope to see people from NDA there.”

Adam Rakers, junior: “I’m going fishing in Georgia. I’ll also probably sleep in a little too.”

Samuel Moss, junior: “I’m going to the border of Florida and Alabama on the Gulf coast.”

Emily Luebke, junior: “I’m going snowboarding at Vail.”

Sam Wagner, junior: “Nine days, 8 sleepovers with Ethan Diestler.”

Maddi Tennity, junior: “Cruising to Mexico with Sophie Harpt.”

Charlie Urick, junior: “I will not be getting tan while I remain here in the 920.”

Carter Olles, sophomore: “I’m going to the Keys to go fishing.”

Ciera Gerl, senior: “Florida with my brother!”

Abby Stewart, senior: “I’m going to Mexico with all my friends, featuring special NDA staff guest and chaperone, Minnie Bouche.”

Tony Stillwell, senior: “I’m going to Mexico with Abby.”

Emily Vandenhouten, senior: “I’m going to Mexico with my best amigos.”

Collin Appleton, senior: “I am not going to Mexico with all my friends :/.”

Jake DeLeers, senior: “Spring break I will be going to Mexico with my dearest friends.”

Carly Noble, sophomore: “Mexico, it seems like the place to be this spring break.”

Elise Witmer, junior: “I’m going on college visit trips. All northern colleges, though, so no warm weather.”

Jacob Zeise, junior: “I’m going to a friend of mine named Bernie’s beach house on the water. It should be a really swell time! Bernie has a really big house; it’s so cool!”

Michael Daavettila, senior: “I’m going on the Canton service trip.”

Spencer Hodkiewicz, senior: “Lots of Netflix, even more cereal.”

Chris Fineout, sophomore: “Study for Sra. Stover’s 2nd semester final.”

C.J. Olson, senior: “I’m going on the Atlanta/Nashville trip with the choir.”

Madalyn Foscato, sophomore: “I’m going to the Cayman Islands with the Sladkys.”

Matthew Wendricks, junior: “Partake in an extravagant trip to my couch.”

Jack Meyer, senior: “ I’m going to Alabama with my friends.”

Sam Leonhard, senior: “Mexico!!”

Austin LaLuzerne, senior: “I am going on a ski trip to Vail in Colorado.”

Adan Martinez, senior: “Order some chicken wings, watch Netflix, and complain about not doing anything else.”

Liam Edgar, junior: “Flight 920 to my couch.”

Josh Wiesner, junior: “I will be trading in a spot on the beach from the dentist chair to get my

wisdom teeth removed.”

Brooke Kerscher, sophomore: “Going to the Potato State with Kelly and Anya.”

Kelly Hogan, sophomore: “Idaho, the Great Potato State, with Anya and Brooke.”

Rachel Sladky, sophomore: “I’m hitting up the Caymans with Mady Foscato.”

Hanna Lech, sophomore: “I’m going to the concrete jungle where dreams are made of.”

Anya Carlson, sophomore: “I’m going to Idaho, the potato state, with Kelly and Brooke.”

Yiqian Geo, senior: “Maybe stay at home and sleep. (My host family didn’t tell me anything about it).”

Sam Hennigan, senior: “I’m staying local so I hope it warms up a little.”

Kendall Lisowski, sophomore: “I’m going to Florida with Clayton… and I guess Cameron too.”

Lachlan Johnson, sophomore: “Going to Wisconsin Dells with my buds.”

Andrew zipp, sophomore: “Dells and Detroit.”

Ryan O’Connell, sophomore: “I’m volunteering at the N.E.W. Zoo with Brennan Bestrich.”

Dru Faikel, sophomore: “Either Paris, Belgium or Germany. Not sure yet.”

Evan Haas, junior: “I’m going skiing in Colorado with my family.”

Bailey Gerondale, junior: “I will be trying out for softball, and spend my life on Netflix learning to kill demons. #supernatural.”

Matt Burke, junior: “Skiing in Aspen, Colorado, with my family.”

Savannah DeRuyter, junior: “Hopefully go on college visits, most likely staying in town.”

Caroline Roznik, junior: “Visit family in Janesville, WI, and my foreign exchange student from last year is visiting along with her mom so hanging out with them.”

Lizzie Smith, junior: “I am going to Canton!”

Beaux Myers, junior: “I’m either going to Colorado with two of my friends or I am staying home.”

Madi Polack, freshman: “I’m going to Florida with my family.”

Sean Harrison, senior: “Going back to Sarasota, Tampa and Daytona with family.”

Maddie Brusda, junior: “Going to Florida with Carolyn for a week and then my family for the next week.”

Isaac Hingten, junior: “I am going to Cabo.”

Kadejah Ross, junior: “Sleep.”

Alaina Gerbers, senior: “I’m going to Mexico with my family.”

Will Leggett, junior: “I am going to Mexico with my family.”

Avery Lyons, freshman: “The Wisconsin Dells (Kalahari).”

Mr. Steve Stary, staff: “Going to Madison twice. Once for a friend’s wedding and once for a conference on the Constitution.”

Colin Newman, senior: “I’ll probably be doing an essay for Mrs. Huntley… Hopefully.”

Florentine Dylong, junior: “I am going to make fun of my host sister because she has to go to school that week.”

Matt Duffy, junior: “Going to spend it with my uncle in Alaska hunting wolverines.”

Nick Messerschmidt, sophomore: “My plan is to close my eyes and not open them until spring break is over.”

Frieda Huang, senior: “Make up some sleep.”

Alex McKean, freshman: “I am going to Iowa to see some family.”

Jordan Kieltyka, senior: “A perilous expedition to the deep and dark bowels of my basement.”

Grace Caldie, junior: “I’m going to Atlanta and Nashville with the choir.”

Megan Saari, sophomore: “Nothing.”

Ty Yewman, senior: “I’m going to South Carolina to visit my cousin.”

Max Liegel, sophomore: “I’m going to the Wisconsin Dells with Mr. Fineout and a couple others!”

Jacob Re, junior: “I am going on a cruise to the Caribbean with my family.

Sarah Zarvan, sophomore: “I will be going to Jamaica with the Balison and Lemkuil family.”

Jon Sollberger, sophomore: “I am going to hibernate.”

Elizabeth Lasecki, sophomore: “Shredding the slopes in Park City, Utah with friends and family.”

Hunter VanDuyse, junior: “Work…adults don’t have breaks.”

Claire Sternkopf, sophomore: “I’m going to Atlanta, GA, with our amazing choir!”

Diego Mendoza, sophomore: “Sleep. Food. Sleep. Repeat.”

Alexis Anderson, junior: “I’m going to Arizona.”

Megan Southwick, junior: “I’m going scuba diving in Florida.”

Stephanie Staed, junior: “I’m going to Canton, Mississippi, for the NDA Service Trip.”

Holly Schantz, junior: “I’m going to Florida with Hannah.”

Jacob Rose, sophomore: “ Looking forward to Spring Week 2016, when I’m going to the Florida Keys to go scuba diving.”

Rachael Brady, junior: “I’m going on the Canton, Mississippi, trip.”

Cole Peters, senior: “Hopefully going to Arizona.”

Dohyeong Kim, senior: “I’m going to Florida with my host family.”

Katie Gapinski, sophomore: “I’ll be spending time with family and heading down to Florida,

hopefully after girls state basketball!”

Corrie Campion, senior: “I’m going to Canton with 19 other students.”

Natalie Klasen, senior: “I don’t know yet. My host sister says they will surprise me.”

Vince Hribernik, senior: “I’m going to South Dakota to go snow goose hunting.”

Emma Adams, senior: “I’m going to Florida with my family and some friends.”

Derek Campbell, senior: “Canton, Mississippi, service trip.”

Brenda Aguilar, sophomore: “I will be performing and doing many workshops with my dance group.”

Bennett Christensen, sophomore: “Texas to visit my brother.”

Quinn Dellise, sophomore: “I am going snowboarding in the UP.”