Academy Chatter: How do you relieve stress in your life?

Staff Writers , Advanced Journalism

Emily Ness, junior: “I draw myself a bubble bath whilst playing smooth jazz.”

Kristen Burkel, junior: “By working out or singing songs in the shower.”

Caroline Schaupp, junior: “I work out.”

Carolyn Tressler, junior: “I drink tea because it calms me.”

Ingrid Hirte, junior: “I like to go for a run and take a cold shower.”

Heidi Swanson, junior: “I read.”

Vinny Pallini, junior: “By kicking things.”

Danielle Lippert, freshman: “Read a book or listen to music.”

Hannah Dercks, freshman: “Play soccer, write or listen to music.”

Lily Schumacher, freshman: “I draw because it gives me a freedom to do whatever I want and vent out bad energy.”

Maig McHugh, freshman: “Drawing or reading or going for a run.”

Jenn Cluckey, freshman: “Playing or listening to music, or I just separate myself from what’s stressing me out and take a break.”

Ashlyn Fitzgerald, freshman: “Listening to music.”

Meghan Yakel, freshman: “Listen to music.”

Ben Lelinski, freshman: “Hunt or run my dog in the woods.”

Deidre Bellmore, freshman: “Eating.”

Olivia Escalante, freshman: “Listening to music.”

Lauren Welker, freshman: “Sleep, food, avoiding homework and music.”

Hannah Ciriacks, freshman: “Go for a run.”

Andrew Gruesen, freshman: “I spend time away and pray.”

Abby Anderson, freshman: “Field hockey or normal hockey.”

Danielle Reince, freshman: “ I make faces at myself in the mirror until I laugh.”

Celia Glime, Junior: “ I go to yoga or just try to relax.”

Julie Ko, Junior: “ I scream really loudly and eat really spicy food.”

Payton Van Pelt, freshman: “ I listen to music and sleep.”

Noah Frigo, freshman: “I play videogames.”

CJ Ledvina, freshman: “ I hang out with my pets.”

Simon Neta. freshman: “Sleep.”

Maddie Woodward, freshman: “Soccer.”

Meghan Yakel, freshman: “Listening to music or talking to friends.”

Molly Gallagher, freshman: “Listening to music.”

Tim Wagner, freshman: “Dig a tunnel until I get to China and then take one of my Chinese friends back to my house. At my house, we will swim in the swamp and wrestle alligators.”

Max Polack, freshman: “Listening to music and going outside.”

Laken Anderson, freshman: “Hug somebody.”

Lauren Welker, freshman: “Sleep, eat and listen to music.”