Service Comes with Honor for NHS Members

Mattea Vecera , Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

National Honor Society is an honor and a privilege to be a member of during junior and senior year– and it’s not as hard to get into as one might think. 

So, what is National Honor Society? According to the official bylaws that govern the organization, National Honor Society “exists to create enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote leadership, and to develop character in the students of Notre Dame Academy.” 

Members are viewed as positive role models for the school and community, contributing to a working school environment in many ways.

The prerequisites to get invited to be a member include having a cumulative GPA of 3.670 or higher and not being on Disciplinary Probation or serving consequences for a violation of the NDA Honor Code or Student Code of Conduct Related to Substance Use/Abuse. 

If those are met, the student will be asked to complete an information sheet outlining leadership and service activities as well as submitting two letters of recommendation from faculty members. 

Once in NHS, students must pay the annual fee of $20, attend the annual inductee ceremony, attend all future meetings, complete 30 hours of service split between junior and senior year and not receive a D or F on a semester report card. 

Objectively the most difficult challenge is completing the required tutoring hours, but the administration has made it much easier with tutoring opportunities not only during school, but also at study tables after school. 

Before finals each semester, study tables are also held on the weekends for a quiet time to study and work with teachers as well as give extra tutoring opportunities to students. 

Senior Ellese Martin has been a member of NHS since junior year and enjoys this aspect of it.

“I enjoy NHS tutoring because it allows me to connect with new people and underclassmen I hadn’t known before and aid them in their schoolwork,” said Martin.

It’s important to work towards getting the best grades possible freshman and sophomore year at Notre Dame Academy, but being asked to become a member of NHS gives extra validation toward that hard work. 

Each year, officers are elected by a vote from the members, which is an even greater honor. They are also able to answer any questions or concerns about the club. 

This year’s officers are seniors Bridget Kapic, Joseph Massabni, Benjamin Zabriskie, Courtney Romes, Scott Russell and Cassidy Noble. 

“Being a part of NHS encourages me to keep up my grades and stay in good standing as a positive role model to the younger students, and I’m so glad to be in it for another year. It also looks great on college applications, which is a plus,” said Martin.

Students may talk to Mrs. Heyroth in Student Services or NHS moderator Doctora to sign up for tutoring during study hall or study tables. 

Students who need a tutor may also speak to Mrs. Heyroth so she can match you with a tutor who will help with any specific subject needs.