Tracy Troge Loved Kayaking from Day One


Nick Bumgardner , Staff Writer, Journalism I

You might know Tracy Troge as the Konop Foods Director at NDA.

What you might not know is that Troge is an avid kayaker!

“I guess you could say that I loved it from day one,” she said.

Troge learned how to kayak through Oneida Adventures, and before she knew it, she was giving lessons herself.

After taking her first class, she was able to go on tours with the group, which ultimately led her to work part time as an instructor once she learned the basics.

“I have been kayaking in many local waterways including the Fox River, Shawano Lake, Lake Michigan, Lake Winnebago and Lake Superior.  My favorite trips have been up to the Apostle Islands. I have been up there three times and have gone to Sand Island each time,” she said.

“There are many reasons why I love kayaking, but I guess what really draws me to it is just being able to get away.  Yes, the Apostle Islands are absolutely amazing, but even paddling on local water is very calming for me. You don’t have to drive very far to launch your kayak and forget about your problems for a little bit,” she explained.

During the spring and summer seasons, Troge tries to hit the water at least once a week.

Whether it’s a local waterway or an ocean, she values the serenity of kayaking.

“The highlight of my trips have been kayaking in the sea caves.  The weather needs to be on your side, because if the waves are too big, it is not safe to get into the caves,” she said.

“The reason I like that place so much is because you can truly get away,” Troge continued.

As for her suggestions for beginners, she had this to say—

“My suggestion for anyone starting out is to take a class from someone who is ACA certified.  This way you can learn some basic techniques and safety measures. Many of the accidents you hear about kayaking are from people who have not had the proper gear on or using the wrong kayak for the type of water that you are in,” said Troge.

Aside from kayaking, Troge participates in all kinds of activities, like dog sledding, hiking, softball, biking, tennis, and various racing events, such as the Tough Mudder and Terrain Race, never leaving a dull moment.