NDA Welcomes French International Student


Frannie Wied, Staff Writer, Journalism I

Salut! NDA is thrilled to welcome our newest exchange student, all the way from France, Eva Gillet. Gillet, a junior, will be spending a whole academic year at Notre Dame. 

Gillet arrived this past week, and this is her first time in the U.S. She is from Rennes, a city somewhat larger than Green Bay located in the northwest corner of France.  Her beautiful home city is known for its postcard worthy picturesque image and its medieval architecture. 

Gillet came to the U.S through an exchange program that matched her with a family in Green Bay. 

“If I could have chosen where I would study, it probably would have been Los Angeles, or somewhere like that, but I am very happy to be here and have this opportunity,” said Gillet. And while we don’t have Hollywood Boulevard here, we do have Lombardi Avenue! 

One of Gillet’s main reasons for coming to America is the language immersion. 

“Obviously, English is very important to know. Many people in France don’t know English or can’t speak it very well. I also came to America so that I could see another country and experience their culture,” said the junior.   

Some things Gillet is apprehensive about is being away from her family and her dog, Indie. She’s also slightly hesitant about learning in a language that is not her first dialect and how hard this may prove to be. 

Gillet also shared some things that she already knew were different here than in France. 

“French schools don’t have clubs like they do here, and at my school we don’t have to wear uniforms,” said Gillet. She attended a public school in France with over 2,000 students. 

Back home, she participated in gymnastics and cheered on the national soccer team, a big deal in France and Europe. She also has a keen appreciation for fashion, and could see herself exploring a career in it. One thing Gillet is excited for in Wisconsin is the snow and the food – two of Wisconsin’s specialties. 

And while she may have to trade her crêpes for cheese curds, hopefully she has a wonderful time at Notre Dame Academy.