Frosh President Chrudimsky Eager to Work in Student Government


Sophie Hornberger, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

The class of 2025 has spoken and their freshman class president is Amelia Chrudimsky. 

Amelia decided to run due to the suggestion of a friend, and although at first she didn’t think much of it, she soon became more interested in it. 

I wanted to run for president because I’m confident that I am and will be the best possible representative of our class,” she said. 

She doesn’t have much past student government experience, but has shown leadership in other ways that she is excited to bring to student government. 

“Throughout my middle school years, I found many opportunities to show leadership amongst my peers, whether it be in sports, clubs, performances, or just by being a good role model for my classmates in school,” said Chrudimsky. “I think even though I don’t have any formal student government experience, I have recognized my many good qualities, and that they are signs of a good leader.”

Chrudimsky is excited to get into the planning involved in student government right away. 

“Seeing the way everyone got so excited during the Great Battle and other activities during the week inspired me. As class president, I want to try to integrate new, fun activities into our schedule, whether it’s during our advisory time or after school,” she said. 

She is also excited to use this as an opportunity to get to know her classmates better. 

When it comes to student government, I’m most excited to be able to get to know the freshman class even better.

“It’s even more than becoming familiar with everyone’s names. By holding this office, I’m given the chance to hear everyone’s thoughts and ideas about our school and I get to advocate for those ideas on a larger scale.”

Chrudimsky recognizes the fun and energetic group that is the class of 2025, and wants to do everything she can to support her classmates and help them have an amazing freshman year. 

“I want the class of 2025 to know that I’m always willing and excited to hear their input,” says Chrudimsky. “I want my classmates to never be afraid to talk to me or ask me about any concerns or ideas they have.”