Jeremy Jarocki Wins Chess Club Championship

Jeremy Jarocki Wins Chess Club Championship

Riley Guyette, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

On March 1, 2022, the Chess Club wrapped up the 2021-22 competitive season with its championship match between junior Jeremy Jarocki and sophomore Sean Giganti. 

In the end, Jarocki came out on top and has now been crowned the 2021-22 Chess Club champion. 

The game did not last very long as it was over after each player had played around 20 moves each. 

This was likely due to the sharp and aggressive nature of the game. 

Jarocki knew that he had to play aggressively against his opponent as the sophomore knew what he was doing quite well.

Giganti had made it to the finals in the 2020-21 school year and ended up tying in two games against Andrew Ngyuen, a current senior, resulting in a shared title of Chess Club champion. 

“I was incredibly anxious when I uttered the word ‘checkmate,’” he recalled. “Was there a move I missed that would halt my attack? Would I just look silly in front of the entire club?”

Luckily, this did not turn out to be the case as the junior had successfully outplayed his opponent. 

“I had actually checkmated the person who was 15-0 on the chess leaderboard and who I had lost to twice already,” exclaimed Jarocki. 

Despite the loss, Giganti is still content with the number of wins he achieved throughout the chess season. 

“I think I have good chances for another shot at winning,” said the sophomore. 

Jarocki is looking forward to the future as well, claiming, “The whole experience was super fun and I would like to try to win again senior year.”